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Kuala Lumpur - capital of Malaysia | Hobby Keeper Articles

A city without noise and dust

The capital of Malaysia, the city of one million people, Kuala Lumpur, impresses not only with its sonorous name.

Read more → 11.12.2020

First resident of Chicago | Hobby Keeper Articles

Chicago: city of winds, skyscrapers and jazz

After the first non - native, but permanent resident of Chicago - a merchant of furs, gunpowder and alcohol, Pointe du Sable-settled in the late 18th century on the site of the modern metropolis, a lot of water flowed into lake Michigan.

Read more → 08.12.2020

Ancient Rome, Italy | Hobby Keeper Articles

Ancient Rome: when the past becomes the present

Rome, the famous city on the seven hills, has been known to mankind since ancient times.

Read more → 02.12.2020

The Jordanian Embassy after the bombings in Baghdad | Hobby Keeper Articles

'Everything is calm in Baghdad...'

Among the many tours offered by agencies to curious travelers, you will not find the Iraqi capital.

Read more → 18.11.2020

Photo of Rio de Janeiro | Hobby Keeper Articles

Rio de Janeiro: city with blue skies

According to the observations of meteorologists, the clearest and perfectly blue sky on the planet Earth is in Rio de Janeiro.

Read more → 15.11.2020

Capital of the UAE-Dubai | Hobby Keeper Articles

Dubai: to make a fairy tale come true

If you want to see an Oriental fairy tale come to life-welcome to Dubai!

Read more → 05.11.2020

Venice, Italy | Hobby Keeper Articles

Venice=Atlantis-have time to visit

Yes, the most beautiful city in Italy - Venice-with its unique architecture and streets in the form of channels is slowly sinking under the water.

Read more → 10.12.2020

Sydney on the Globe | Hobby Keeper Articles

Sydney: the city-the antithesis

Anti and under-word, on the other side of the planet is the beautiful city of Sydney.

Read more → 03.12.2020

Photo Barcelona-a city in Spain | Hobby Keeper Articles

Barcelona-the city founded by Hercules

When you say 'Barcelona', the immortal melody performed by Opera diva Montserrat Caballe and charismatic Freddie mercury - 'Barselona' immediately flashes in your head.

Read more → 20.11.2020

Photo Of Prague | Hobby Keeper Articles

This diverse city of Prague

The city, which is almost 12 centuries old, is one of the most beautiful places on the map of Europe - Prague.

Read more → 16.11.2020

Photo Shanghai | Hobby Keeper Articles

Shanghai: the towers, banks, ships

Shanghai is the type of city where antiquity and modernity go hand in hand.

Read more → 12.11.2020

Bosphorus. Satellite image| Hobby Keeper Articles

Istanbul - a city on two continents

Can I sit on two chairs at once? Not that on chairs, but to occupy the territory of two continents at the same time, it turns out, you can and with great success!

Read more → 03.11.2020

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