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The Colosseum, Rome, Italy | Hobby Keeper Articles

Colosseum: what the ancient walls are silent about

The Colosseum - 'the face of ancient Rome' - as PoE called it in his magnifying poem.

Read more → 15.10.2020

Eiffel tower. View from the field of Mars | Hobby Keeper Articles

'The iron lady' Paris'

When we say 'love', we mean 'Paris', and when we say 'Paris', we mean the Eiffel tower.

Read more → 08.10.2020

Photos of the Livadia Palace | Hobby Keeper Articles

Livadia Palace - you can't forbid to live beautifully

Livadia Palace is one of the most beautiful architectural structures in Crimea.

Read more → 05.10.2020

Great wall of China | Hobby Keeper Articles

Legendary Wall: myths and truth

Today, it is difficult to find a person who has not heard about the unique and large-scale historical structure - the great wall of China.

Read more → 13.10.2020

Photo Of The Taj Mahal | Hobby Keeper Articles

A miracle available to everyone

The majestic monument of love - the tomb of the Taj Mahal - impresses with its grandeur.

Read more → 06.10.2020

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