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Bilet Derzhavnoi Skarbnitsy on 200 hryvnia. UNR 1918 roku

Airplane without wings

In April 1918, there was a change of power in Kiev, and at the same time the name of the country: the Ukrainian People's Republic was replaced by the Ukrainian State, headed by Hetman Pavel Skoropadsky.
Any new government first needs money, and the hetman was no exception to the rule: on May 31, 1918, the Council of Ministers of the country with the new name published a Resolution on the upcoming issue of 3.6 % of the State Treasury tickets.
The new treasury bills were promised the widest possible circulation: in accordance with paragraph 7 of the Resolution, they were required to accept all payments to ' The State Treasury, the State Bank, State Savings Banks, all government institutions, as well as offsetting state contracts and supplies, and in general for all obligations with property.'
In order to make the tickets even more financially attractive, the Decree promised the holders of treasury tickets an annual income of 3.6 % per annum, which was not taxed.
It was also promised to pay the nominal value and interest to ticket holders in Ukrainian currency or rubles of their choice, and - at a fixed rate: 2 hryvnia = 1 karbovanets and 1 karbovanets = 1 ruble.
The decision on the issue was made, the artist G. Narbut drew a sketch with the signatures of Lebed-Yurchik and Kovalenko, the Imperial Printing House of Germany (Rechsdruckerei) produced the tickets, and they went into circulation in Ukraine.
4 denominations were put into circulation – 50 hryvnia, 100 hryvnia, 200 hryvnia and 1,000 hryvnia. Each denomination had 8 cut-off coupons – 4 coupons on the left and 4 coupons on the right of the ticket.
For its appearance, the 3.6 % treasury ticket issued in 1918 was popularly dubbed 'airplane' - the coupons on both sides of the ticket resembled the wings of an airplane of that time.
Issued in May 1918 by the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian State, the tickets were canceled in May 1920. By decree of the Council of People's Commissars of the Ukrainian Socialist Soviet Republic.
As a result, out of the 8 wings-coupons, 3 right wings did not wait for the fate they were supposed to meet – to be cut off from the ticket.
My 'airplane' with a nominal value of 200 hryvnia series VII No. 039244 does not have wings-coupons at all, and-for some unknown reason: probably bona fell into the hands of one of those villains who from childhood out of pure curiosity used to tear off the wings of insects.

Бiлет Державної Скарбниці на 200 гривень. УНР 1918 року

200 гривен 1918 г., Украина

Country : Украина
Denomination : 200 гривна
Year : 1918
Quantity :
Issuer :
Series :
Valid from :
Valid till :
Cancelled :
Alexander R.

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