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5 rubles of the sample of 1909

'Blue' - money for bribes

Banknotes with a nominal value of 5 rubles first appeared in Russia in 1786 by the decree of Catherine the Great:
'To facilitate the circulation and circulation of money, we command: to establish banknotes in ... five rubles, which are printed for better discrimination on blue paper ...'.
For a better distinction – this is for illiterate segments of the population, who, although they could not read, were not colorblind, and blue-colored papers could always be distinguished from others.
Folk art has dubbed 5 rubles, respectively, according to the color of the bills: blue, blue, blue and other word formations.
But the people did not limit themselves to epithets – there were also sayings.
Bribes to officials are a very original and widespread phenomenon for Russia: even the 1st governor of St. Petersburg, Generalissimo and His Serene Highness Prince Alexander Danilovich Menshikov, in addition to military exploits in the Battle of Poltava, was noted in history by an unprecedented amount of embezzlement.
In other words, the Russians had someone to take an example from, and these examples clothed folk art in capacious metaphors.
It is better to have a' tit ' in your fist than a crane in the sky.
Do you think it's an innocent comparison of 2 birds? A bird-tit from the order of sparrows is not needed on the farm – it is not a canary, a tit does not know how to sing, there is no sense to breed it and keep it in your fist – even more so.
But to grab a blue five-ruble note with all five fingers-yes, it makes sense, but it's better to immediately cover the bill with all five fingers and squeeze it into a fist so that it is not noticed from the outside.
There is no blue portrait of the All-Russian emperor on the treasury ticket with a nominal value of 5 rubles of the 1908 sample, although there were still plenty of tsars and queens unoccupied on paper money – perhaps the reason is also that they did not want to compromise the first persons of the Russian Empire with the historical train of the Russian five-ruble note...
Let's pay tribute to the 5-ruble denomination-it was quite suitable for other uses, and this was also reflected in folk art:
'Dear parents, will you give me some money?
If I had five rubles, I would have drunk again.'
From the collection of village ditties published in 1913

5 рублей образца 1909 года

5 рублей 1909 г., Российская империя

Country : Российская империя
Denomination : 5 рубль
Year : 1909
Quantity :
Issuer :
Series :
Valid from :
Valid till :
Cancelled :

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