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Painting By David Teniers | Hobby Keeper Articles

Collection of paintings - a new program for art collectors and artists

Art lovers and patrons were busy making their own collections always. Someone artistic canvas gives a powerful aesthetic impulse, and someone interested in the paintings to emphasize their social status or to make a profitable economic investment.

Read more → 21.07.2020

Personal account of a collector | Hobby Keeper Articles

Collector's personal area

Almost a year of development, design, debate, and improvements and here it is open to you, meet.Your collections will be available to you anywhere anytime with an Internet connection. Just go to your personal account on a Hobby Keeper from every available device - PC, smartphone, tablet (mobile personal Cabinet adapted).

Read more → 27.12.2019

Excel to the cloud Hobbykeeper

Loading data from MS Excel in HobbyKeeper Online

Dear friends,Meet the new functionality in the service Hobbykeeper OnlineLoading data in the private office of collector of MS Excel files ...

Read more → 24.04.2020

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