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2019-09-10 Other articles >

Numismatic mobile App. Redesign version.

Dear collectors! We are glad to present you a new release of the Numismatist’s Safe mobile App. Our team has done a lot of work to improve the previous version, and we hope that you will appreciate it.

App was totally redesigned for the concept of the Hobby Keeper Project. You will see a practically new App, convenient and easy to use.
In the interface, we used the colour gamut corresponding to the direction of numismatics in Hobby Keeper Project, added new functionality and redesigned the user-program interaction system.

Now you can fill out your Electronic collection as conveniently as possible. Use the full feature set to describe the coins in your collection. Add self-made coin photos directly from your mobile device or images downloaded from the Internet. Filtering by reference fields will help you easily find the coins you are interested in this moment. Save prices and information on purchases and sales of coins. Set and change the actual status of a coin in the program. Now information about your collection will always be at your fingertips.

The Numismatist’s Safe mobile App is constantly improving in one thread with the entire Hobby Keeper Project to become even more convenient and functional. The combination of style, ease of use and incredible features is the basis of our Apps for collectors and the Hobby Keeper Project as a whole.

Already by purchasing the Numismatist’s Safe mobile App, you can support our global project and become an active participant in it. Work on the Hobby Keeper Project is continues every day. New discoveries and surprises will await you very soon. The Web part of the Hobby Keeper Project is already complete to its presentation to the community from day to day.

Set the future for collectors on your mobile device today!
Your Hobby Keeper Team.

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