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US 50 cents commemorative coins

Pilgrim Tercentenary half dollar

Code : KM# 147.1








The Maine Centennial Half Dollar was released in 1920 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Maine’s admission into the Union.

The obverse of the coin features William Bradford. He wears a hat and carries a Bible under his arm. Bradford, noted for piety, is intended to be seen in a moment of meditation. Dallin''s plaster models had the words "HOLY BIBLE" on the volume; these, together with Dallin''s initials "CED", were removed. Instead, the initial D was placed under Bradford''s elbow, likely impressedupon the hub as an afterthought by a punch normally used to create the mint mark D for the Denver Mint. Numismatists Anthony Swiatek and Walter Breen deemed Bradford''s broad collar near enough to Puritan wear of the day to pass, though they questioned theauthenticity of the ruffled cravat. Bradford''s portrait is in any case an invention; no genuine likeness of him is known. The crudeness of the lettering complained of by Fraser is not apparent due to the relatively small size of the coins.
(coins struckin 1920 do not display a date on this side)

The reverse depicts the Mayflower under full sail. Numismatic writers have focused much attention on the fact that the ship bears a triangular flying jib, a type of sail not used at the time of the Mayflowervoyage. This error was avoided by Clair Aubrey Huston in his design for the one-cent stamp issued on December 21, 1920, for the anniversary. The inscriptions and dates that encircle the coin are self-explanatory.

Mint: Philadelphia

CyrusE. Dallin