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Photo Lyubov Orlova | Hobby Keeper Articles

The prima Donna of Soviet cinema

It is difficult to imagine the Soviet cinema is effervescent and incomparable, talented and unique Lyubov Orlova.

Read more → 13.08.2020

Photo By Stephen Spilberga | Hobby Keeper Articles

Steven Spielberg: 'All I want is a life'

The great optimist and life lover Steven Spielberg count myself among the ordinary spectators.

Read more → 10.08.2020

Cuba 10 pesos, series of 1960 | Hobby Keeper Articles

The signature on the bill – autograph layman

On 14 June 1928 in Rosario (Argentina), born Ernesto Che Guevara – revolutionary and statesman, Argentinian by birth, whose name is usually associated with crucial events in the history of other Latin American countries – Cuba.

Read more → 06.08.2020

Photo of a smiling Chaplin | Hobby Keeper Articles

What I wanted to tell the world the Great Mute

Incredibly touching, naive and simple form of a Tramp, by which we know and love Charlie Chaplin was loved by the audience not just.

Read more → 03.08.2020

Beethoven, 1820, K. Stieler | Hobby Keeper Articles

Beethoven: the Moon, the Beatles and a little love

Speaking 'Beethoven', we mean first and foremost 'Moonlight Sonata', is thoroughly permeated with love longing and sadness about what you really want, but it is impossible to achieve.

Read more → 31.07.2020

Boldini painting "Portrait of D. Verdi", 1886 | Hobby Keeper Articles

'You can have the universe but leave me Italy'

Giuseppe Verdi is among those geniuses, whose careers are inextricably linked with the Motherland.

Read more → 29.07.2020

Joseph Haydn | Hobby Keeper Articles

Joseph Haydn, mercury and the 'Oscar' when the stars line up

Franz Joseph Haydn glorified his birth is not known to anyone lower Austria village of Rohrau, where he came into this world.

Read more → 26.07.2020

Picture of Monet's "Boulevard des Capucines in Paris" | Hobby Keeper Articles

Claude Monet: impressions on the other side of the canvas

It is today we rave about the paintings of French impressionist Claude Monet.

Read more → 22.07.2020

My photo album with stamps | Hobby Keeper Articles

Sol inspiration is my Aivazovsky

This year, 17 (29 articles) July marks 203 years since the birth of the marine painter Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky. Today some people prefer extravagant abstract art Picasso, I caress your soul classic seascapes.

Read more → 17.07.2020

Self-Portrait Of Rembrandt | Hobby Keeper Articles

Name - Rembrandt

The great painter from a young age set a goal to be on a par with the most famous masters of the middle Ages, by Titian, Raphael, Michelangelo. So he signed his paintings briefly, but pathetically, Rembrandt.

Read more → 15.07.2020

Nicholas Of Follendorf | Hobby Keeper Articles

Mintmaster (continued, part 3)

In the list of Russian mintmaster it is impossible not to pay attention to 2 of the dynasty - Bobrovskaya and Follendorf.

Read more → 14.07.2020

Darwin | Hobby Keeper Articles

'Beware when the Almighty sends to earth thinker'

Many school years known fundamental work of Charles Robert Darwin's On the origin of species'. However, few people know that the famous philosopher and naturalist since childhood had a passion for collecting. He collected everything - coins, shells, minerals. His collection was chaotic, but, of course, be Darwin at that time, the program HOBBYKEEPER, everything would be different.

Read more → 03.07.2020

The Poster, "It Is Finished" | Hobby Keeper Articles

Philatelic Gagarina - passion Hero

Yuri Gagarin - the first man who saw the ground from a height of 180 km, on 12 April 1961. As a representative of the country of Soviets, Gagarin a few days ahead of US, the first 'punched a hole' in the heavenly space of the Earth. The competition in this issue was very sharp, American astronaut flew may 5, what the United States is sorry still. 'A shame that we are not the first' - so wrote the Western media for this reason.

Read more → 01.07.2020

Portrait Exupery | Hobby Keeper Articles

Interrupted flight of Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The heavy twin-engine fighter P-38 'lightning', piloted by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, was literally interrupted. This happened on 31 July 1944 in the sea near Marseille, when raged the Second world war. The life of 44-year-old pilot, reporter, writer, Chevalier of the Legion of honor was broken on the peak of...

Read more → 29.06.2020

Coin Nikolai Mundt | Hobby Keeper Articles

Mintmaster (continued, part 2)

For us, looking at the position of mintmaster from the position of the XXI century, it is important to understand that, strictly speaking, mintmaster was the chief of the mint in the modern sense of the word.

Read more → 24.06.2020

Coin Peter The Great | Hobby Keeper Articles

The iconic figures of coinage

MintmasterCoinage at all times was - and still is - a process closed from prying eyes, as the output has a special product for the money. Therefore, the coinage always has high requirements not only in terms of their appearance, but also due to the accurate regulation of the quality and quantity of material used – sample of the main precious metal (gold, silver, platinum) and the percentage of additives (alloys): a fuzzy implementation of the requirements could disrupt monetary circulation of the country. In any country someone has to monitor the implementation of these requirements and is personally responsible for their accurate performance, these controllers of coinage has historically been called a 'SyncMaster' from it. münzmeister — literally 'coin master'.

Read more → 19.06.2020

Portrait Of Copernicus | Hobby Keeper Articles

Astronomical engineering doctoral monk Nicolaus Copernicus

Humanity began its path to the development of the sky long before the first space flights. Your contribution to science was made by brilliant scientists, starting with Leonardo da Vinci, Giordano Bruno and Nicolaus Copernicus. It is the Polish astronomer proved that the earth revolves around the Sun and not Vice versa. He opened a new page in the study of the nature of things, giving 'green light' for the subsequent work of Kepler, Newton and Galileo.

Read more → 15.06.2020

Coins with Lenin | Hobby Keeper Articles

Coins of the Soviet Union Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Collectible coins USSR with the image of Vladimir Lenin issued since 1967. Was released into circulation coins: 1 ruble and 50 kopecks. The collection was created in honor of the 50th anniversary of the great October revolution. On these coins the leader is shown full length and indicates the society is the path to a bright Communist future. Over the next years coins were issued to various memorable dates and events...

Read more → 28.04.2020

| Hobby Keeper Articles

ACE in the hole

Unmatched, mysterious, phenomenal Harry Houdini remained for many inexplicable mystery.

Read more → 11.08.2020

Photos By Marius Petipa | Hobby Keeper Articles

Allongee Marius Petipa - a good finale to a brilliant career

The name of Marius Petipa has always been inextricably linked with the Mariinsky theatre and ballet. Moreover, the Russian, despite the fact that he was a native of Marseilles.

Read more → 07.08.2020

Photo of a smiling Marilyn Monroe | Hobby Keeper Articles

Marilyn Monroe: 'I Hate to be a thing'

At different times of their idols, but there are personalities, whose bright life and unique charisma delight as their contemporaries, and fans of future generations.

Read more → 05.08.2020

A Portrait Of Mendelssohn | Hobby Keeper Articles

The Maestro of all lovers

Mendelssohn is the 'Wedding March'. Such Association occurs primarily when you hear the name of the German composer.

Read more → 01.08.2020

Portrait Of Mozart | Hobby Keeper Articles

A musical genius at all times

Talent Mozart was admired by many of his contemporaries, however, the life of a genius was filled with the unfulfilled hopes and bitter disappointments.

Read more → 30.07.2020

The Image Of Chopin | Hobby Keeper Articles

Frederic Chopin: 'I give my Heart to the Motherland'

Figuratively and literally the heart of the Polish composer and pianist Frederic Chopin, remained faithful to his homeland.

Read more → 28.07.2020

P. I. Tchaikovsky | Hobby Keeper Articles

Patriarchal romanticism of Tchaikovsky

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky is known to the world as a brilliant composer, author of operas, ballets, symphonies, romances. He is one of those brilliant artists whose creative take-off is inseparable from the fate of their country.

Read more → 24.07.2020

Malevich painting "Blooming Apple trees" | Hobby Keeper Articles

Pointless eternal rest Kazimir Malevich

Of course for those who are more close to the classical canons of painting, the paintings of Kazimir Malevich seems kind of stupid nonsense, aggressive degenerative daubs.

Read more → 21.07.2020

The painting "the Starry night" | Hobby Keeper Articles

'The sadness will last forever'

These last words of Vincent van Gogh became the motto of his life. Misunderstood, rejected by society, placed in a hospital for the mentally ill van Gogh never ceased to write, leaving to posterity more than 2,000 of his paintings.

Read more → 16.07.2020

The Coin | Hobby Keeper Articles

Mintmaster (continued, part 4)

The efforts of such masters as Nikolai Follendorf, minting Russian coins became more technologically advanced, and their appearance more attractive.

Read more → 15.07.2020

Darwin on mark Portugal | Hobby Keeper Articles

Known and unknown to Charles Darwin

Many school years remember the strict and angry image of a bearded man, sternly looking down from the numerous portraits hanging in the offices of biology. The harsh image of a Mature Charles Darwin radically opposite to him in his youth. Surprised by some facts of his biography, knowing that You will forever change your opinion about the great scientist husband...

Read more → 03.07.2020

Che Guevara | Hobby Keeper Articles

Che Guevara on the coins

Image Ernesto Guevara de La Serna, known worldwide as Che Guevara, or simply Che, pushed out on numerous coins not in vain. Of course, his political ideology as an active fighter for the victory of world revolution today has lost its relevance. However, a comprehensive, open to the world the personality of Che Guevara, of course, will always be interesting.

Read more → 02.07.2020

A Poster Of Yuri Gagarin | Hobby Keeper Articles

Gagarin on the coins

Yuri Gagarin - the first human who conquered the space height. After orbiting the earth 108 minutes, he will forever remain in the history, starting Chronicle of human spaceflight.

Read more → 30.06.2020

Brand Vostok-6 | Hobby Keeper Articles

'Seagull' conquering space

Call sign 'Chaika' belongs to the world's first female astronaut, which was the representative of the Soviet Union Valentina Tereshkova. She did a Titanic work. Fame and glory on Tereshkova not fallen from the sky, and the dignity deserved for long hours of exhausting training and technical training. The result was a historic 70-hour flight around the globe on the ship 'Vostok-6', launched from Baikonur cosmodrome on 16 June 1963.

Read more → 25.06.2020

Coin Catherine II | Hobby Keeper Articles

Mintmaster (continued part 1)

Historians detect the beginnings of the profession of mintmasters in antiquity. So in Ancient Greece in city-States there was a special controller for applying the mark on the silver coins of your policy, which was especially important for tetradrachms, which actually served the function of international money. Ancient Rome during the Republic established a panel of 3 persons with the functions of mintmaster, and Julius Caesar increased the number to 4-H.

Read more → 22.06.2020

Photo of the airship| Hobby Keeper Articles

Graf Zeppelin crossed the clouds

The airship left a huge mark in the history of space exploration. With these giants the earthlings made the first confident steps in the sky, carrying postal cargo, carrying out scientific research flights and passenger traffic. However, like the dinosaurs, these flying machines had vanished, replaced by a more reliable and progressive machines. But the company airship justly be called the Dawn of the space prior to Gagarin's flight.

Read more → 17.06.2020

Mirror writing | Hobby Keeper Articles

A genius for all times

The intellectual legacy of Leonardo da Vinci's genius and all-encompassing. Hard to believe that this man lived in the epoch of the Spanish Inquisition and the mass of ignorance, when the disease treated plots, and socio-economic instability blamed witches. Endowing humanity ahead of time works, da Vinci realized that the information needs to be metered. Therefore, all his works, he did hardly accessible for reading, using his famous mirror writing technique.

Read more → 12.06.2020

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