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2 kopecks in silver 1842

The inscription on the reverse of the copper coin- '2 kopecks in silver' - can be taken as an epigraph to the activities of the Russian Minister of Finance, who issued this coin in circulation.

Read more → 26.11.2020


50 rubles of the 1923 model.

The course for the transition to the NEP, adopted in March 1921 by the X Congress of the RCP (b), could not but affect the appearance of what by that time was called 'settlement signs of the R. S. F. S. R.': since 1922, the phrase 'state monetary sign'appeared on the front side of Soviet banknotes.

Read more → 19.11.2020

25 rubles banknote, 1918, Azerbaijan | Hobby Keeper Articles

Baku rubles

'Baku rubles' - is it a slang of new Russians from the dashing 1990s or a real historical phenomenon?

Read more → 13.11.2020

| Hobby Keeper Articles

BAM: road to the future

You can call the project of developing the expanses of Eastern Siberia and the Far East 'the road to the future' for various reasons.

Read more → 10.11.2020

1 ruble banknote, 1994, Tajikistan | Hobby Keeper Articles

Tajik ruble 1994

When you first look at the line of the first banknotes of the Republic of Tajikistan, there is a feeling similar to 'deja vu': something like this is not only seen, but also held in your hands, although you have never been to Tajikistan.

Read more → 04.11.2020

20 CZK banknote with stamp, Slovakia | Hobby Keeper Articles

Slovak crowns with a stamp

When people get divorced, it means dividing the budget (family) into 2 unequal parts, when the state breaks up, it is also a section of the budget (state), but it also means introducing 2 currencies instead of one.

Read more → 27.10.2020


Silver ruble of Nicholas I

Historical periods in the minting of Russian coins of the tsarist era are usually classified by the years of the head of state's rule. There is a reason for this, since it is the reigning Emperor who is depicted on coins of large denominations from 1 ruble and higher, and it is he - or she in the case of the Empress - who is the last authority when deciding whether to launch a trial copy of the coin in circulation or not.

Read more → 24.11.2020


Money of the Turkestan region

Turkbons is the name of the monetary unit that was used on the territory of the Turkestan territory in 1919-1921.

Read more → 17.11.2020

5000 rubles bill, 1919, Russia | Hobby Keeper Articles

'Vavilona' Krestinsky: the biggest and the most beautiful

In 1919, the Bolsheviks issued their first original banknotes, which they called 'settlement signs'.

Read more → 11.11.2020

5 Rand banknote, 1978, South Africa | Hobby Keeper Articles

Rand South Africa with a portrait of the colonizer

There are two ways to get booms and coins into my collection: they are purposefully purchased (purchased) and brought from abroad as a souvenir when visiting the country (an alternative to magnets and other paraphernalia with the prospect of being thrown out).

Read more → 09.11.2020

3 ruble banknote, 1905 | Hobby Keeper Articles

3 rubles Konshin sample 1905

The state credit card with a nominal value of 3 rubles of the 1905 model signed by A.V. Konshin was issued in circulation during the years when Alexey Vladimirovich headed the State Bank of the Russian Empire (1910-1914).

Read more → 29.10.2020

Coin tremis, Byzantium | Hobby Keeper Articles

Tremissus of Justinian I the Great (ad 527-565)

The monetary system of the Byzantine Empire was a gold standard with an underlying solid weight of 4.5 g of 900 gold.

Read more → 24.10.2020

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