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Banknote of 25 rubles in 1909, Russian Empire | Hobby Keeper Articles

25 rubles of the sample of 1909

Banknotes with a nominal value of 25 rubles first appeared in Russia in 1769, and immediately behaved quite aggressively towards banknotes of 75 rubles: they forced this denomination out of circulation, and as it turned out later – forever.

Read more → 24.08.2021

Banknote of 5 rubles, 1909, Russian Empire | Hobby Keeper Articles

5 rubles of the sample of 1909

Banknotes with a nominal value of 5 rubles first appeared in Russia in 1786 by the decree of Catherine the Great.

Read more → 10.08.2021

$ 5 Coin, Canada, 2019 | Hobby Keeper Articles

Investment coin of the highest quality

'Gold Maple Leaf' – Canadian gold investment coins of different weights and denominations are known by this name.

Read more → 13.07.2021

1 Ruble banknote, Russia, Northern Region, 1898 | Hobby Keeper Articles

State Bank of the Northern Region-GBSO

From August 1918 to February 1920, an independent territorial entity with an administrative center in Arkhangelsk – the Northern Region-existed in the north of the European part of Russia.

Read more → 29.06.2021

200 hryvnia banknote, 1918, Ukraine | Hobby Keeper Articles

Bilet Derzhavnoi Skarbnitsy on 200 hryvnia. UNR 1918 roku

In April 1918, there was a change of power in Kiev, and at the same time the name of the country: the Ukrainian People's Republic was replaced by the Ukrainian State, headed by Hetman Pavel Skoropadsky.

Read more → 15.06.2021

Banknote of 10 rubles, 1909, Russian Empire | Hobby Keeper Articles

10 rubles of the sample of 1909

Banknotes with a nominal value of 10 rubles first appeared in Russia in 1786 by decree of Empress Catherine II.

Read more → 17.08.2021

10,000 rubles banknote, 1919, Russia | Hobby Keeper Articles

VSYUR 10 000 rubles of the sample of 1919

I have noticed for a long time that the design of paper money unwittingly reflects the social atmosphere of the time when they were issued.

Read more → 20.07.2021

Coin of 5 kopecks, 1807, Russian Empire | Hobby Keeper Articles

The ring of Alexander I

Ringers - this is the name numismatists gave to copper coins minted during the reign of Alexander I from 1802 to 1810 at the Yekaterinburg and Suzun mints.

Read more → 06.07.2021

100 hryvnia banknote, Ukraine, 1918 | Hobby Keeper Articles

Derzhavnyj credit bilet for 100 hryvnia. UNR roku 1918

On paper money, you can see the signatures of the persons who supervised their issue, whether it is the head of the State Bank and the Ministry of Finance, there you can also see the signature of the chief cashier of these state institutions.

Read more → 22.06.2021

Banknote of 50 rubles of the VLKZHD 1st issue, 1918, Russia | Hobby Keeper Articles

Borrowed tickets of the Vladikavkaz Railway

By the autumn of 1918, when the Kuban and Don were cleared of the Bolsheviks, the Cossacks decided to seriously engage in the real economy, and they began with the most important thing – with the railways.

Read more → 09.06.2021

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