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2020-07-29 Other articles >

'You can have the universe but leave me Italy'

Giuseppe Verdi is among those geniuses, whose careers are inextricably linked with the Motherland. His destiny was not painful wandering away from sky Italy, he languished nostalgia and longing for their native land, like Chopin. Verdi's classic incarnation of bright Italian temperament, they are thoroughly imbued with the sun and passion.
Life of the composer coincided with the whirlwind of events related to the persistent struggle of the Italian people for unification. Born into a poor family of an innkeeper and a spinner, small Giuseppe showed early interest in music. He helped to serve mass at the local chapel, when the gifted boy drew the attention of the wealthy merchant Antonio Barezzi. The stars would have it, the world got the brilliant author of the operas 'La Traviata' and 'Rigoletto'.

In the future, Verdi's learning a lot and works hard on improving his talent, mastering technique and composition, reads a lot of classics - in short, creates the Foundation for further creativity.
As life of the composer - slowly but incrementally - is the formation of a future independent Italy. Verdi was born in the Duchy of Parma, which is a piece of scattered Italian lands. And the peak of Verdi's output accounts for the turbulent era of the formation of the Italian state. But applauding audience had been in his life immediately.

In 30 years, the musician attains a personal tragedy - he loses his entire family. First dying two small children, and after from encephalitis and his wife, leaving us with emptiness and pain. During this period, in Italy dramatic events unfolding during the First war of independence of 1848-1849 the Italian Risorgimento defeated.
However, like the mythical bird Phoenix, love for life and music is reviving Verdi for the further work. Fame and true recognition it brings to the composer's third Opera 'Nabucco'. The theme of the disasters of the Jewish people, which sounds in the Opera, near and dear to Italians fighting for their freedom.

Verdi first wrote the play, in which almost all the party sings the chorus. Dramatic pain filled the expectations of the execution of the oratorio 'Va pensiero' was greeted with thunderous ovations from the audience. After the death of musician this song is going to sound at his funeral when a crowd of thousands to see their idol in the streets of Milan in the last journey...
But Verdi's represent still love experiences. His scandalous 'La Traviata', written based on the novel by Dumas, Jr., 'the lady of the camellias', and today is loved by fans of the genre, and the famous 'drinking song Aria' is recognizable from the first notes and often sounds from the screens of the media. Contemporaries with incomprehension greeted the piece, the main character of which is a courtesan, and lives under the motto 'be free, be careless, in a vortex of light to race forever'. Therefore, the success of an Opera did not come immediately.
Verdi's works are the Treasury of world culture. Even the most distant from the music people today to be humming a song of the Duke from the Opera 'Rigoletto' (remember: 'Heart of beauties is inclined to change...'?) And what are light, graceful touch to a fun and romantic 'Troubadour'? Listening to them, mentally carried away in medieval Spain, with its passionate knights and Gothic castles.

'World culture' is a series of commemorative coins of Russia, minted in St. Petersburg mint. It included coins, devoted to world masters of the pen and stave, including Giuseppe Verdi. Silver coin of 25 rubles issued in 2013 edition of just 1000 units:
In the same year, the anniversary of the birth of the great Giuseppe Verdi, the birthplace of the composer was released on a coin of 2 Euro bi-metal:
and luxury the official set of 9 Euro coins in a colorful booklet:
Not paid attention to the great Italian and philately. The 150th anniversary of the birth of Verdi mail of the USSR was issued a commemorative stamp:
To the 200-year anniversary in Russia in millions of copies out picture sleeve, slaked universal stamp first day:
Noted Italian composer and on stamps Monaco, Vatican city, Bolivia, and, of course, his native Italy:
The post Sierra Leone released the original postage block with the image of the heroes of Verdi:
A wonderful portrait of the great Italian made no less prominent portraitist Giovanni Boldini in 1886, during the life of Giuseppe Verdi. The artist managed to convey the spiritual inner world of the composer, his eyes peering at the viewer, wanting to guess the mood.
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