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She introduced a tan and a little black dress, dressed women in pantsuits and created the famous perfume number five, which became a classic of elite perfume. Refined and elegant, bold and feminine, Madame Chanel has become the standard of style and impeccable taste at all times. She fell down and experienced dizzying UPS, rising to the top of well-being from the very bottom of the ocean of life.
Fate has not spoiled baby Gabrielle since birth.  Her mother died, and her father did not need the girl at all. The orphanage at the monastery was the first refuge of little Gabriela. It was here that the sprouts of talent of the future Queen of fashion broke through - she dreamed of dressing all the pupils in beautiful dresses instead of faceless ugly uniforms. After leaving the shelter walls, the girl got a job as a salesman in a lingerie store. Things were going badly, and in order to make ends meet, she worked as a singer in a cabaret. That's where her famous nickname came from, when Gabrielle often sang the fun song 'Ko Ko ri Ko'.
All young and ambitious people want to go to the capital - Coco Chanel is no exception. At the age of twenty-two, she moved to Paris with the cherished dream of becoming a milliner, and fate smiled on her - soon the girl met a like-minded person who became the catalyst for her ideas. Young and successful businessman Arthur Capel was delighted with Gabriela's talent and enthusiasm, and as a result of their collaboration, a hat shop opened in the most fashionable and romantic city in the world.

Mademoiselle Coco's lack of experience was more than compensated for by her diligence and creativity in creating hats, and in a short time she had no end of clients, and many of them were rich and famous Parisians.
By the age of fifty, Coco Chanel was on the crest of fame and prosperity. She had everything a hungry little girl from a convent orphanage could ever want. But the triumph in his career and high position in society could not replace the warmth of the family hearth, did not make up for the lack of a loved one.

The fashion Queen had many fleeting and not-so-brief Affairs, and was credited with having an affair with a German officer, as well as with the Duke of Westminster himself. The latter even offered his hand and heart, to which Chanel replied: 'there are many Dukes and duchesses in the world, but Coco Chanel is one'. Her family became fashion salons, and children were replaced by unique costumes and dresses, in the creation of which Coco put all her heart.

The designer's models combined simplicity and elegance, conciseness and elegance of cut. Chanel's trademark is also a string of pearls - the perfect accessory to complement any ensemble of the collection.
During the war, people did not have time to dress up. Chanel had to go to Switzerland and forget about work for ten years. Her fame as a designer has sunk into oblivion, new favorites have appeared on the catwalks of Paris, but it was not Madame Coco's nature to go with the flow, quietly mourning the past.

In response to the taunts of envious people, she gives out her catchphrase: 'I don't care what you think of me. I don't think about you at all!' And gets to work. At the age of seventy, the designer opened the Chanel House in the French capital and again found herself on the crest of success. To this day, wearing clothes from Coco Chanel means to be elegant and elegant, and the fashion designer herself, even after her death, rightfully bears the title of Queen and legislator of high fashion.
Karl Lagerfeld, the Manager of the Chanel house, decided to perpetuate the famous colleague in France. In 2008, for the anniversary of the fashion designer, he released a series of coins with a face value of five euros with a Chanel profile. The number five was chosen for a reason - it brought good luck to Coco, because she released her world-famous perfume under this number.

The coin contains the most famous attributes of Chanel-Coco in a hat on the obverse, and on the reverse - branded quilted seam. However, you should not expect that the seller of croissants will give such a coin change - they have long been settled in the collections of numismatists. Only 98 gold coins were minted, and 11,000 silver coins were minted.
The immaculately beautiful and talented Mademoiselle Coco is also depicted on postage stamps. In 1998, the Republic of Guinea introduced a stamp with the image of Chanel.
Karl Lagerfeld helped perpetuate the memory of the trendsetter. He is the author of two postage stamps issued in France for Valentine's day. The developed design of the philatelic product is made in the style of Coco Chanel - the same light, relaxed and memorable.
Add to your collection commemorative coins and stamps with the image of Coco Chanel - a woman who created herself, an orphan girl, who, thanks to her own hard work, perseverance and talent, conquered the capricious fashion Olympus and became a style icon for her contemporaries and subsequent generations.
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