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2020-10-14 Other articles >

Thousand-ruble 'bell»

'Yashkin Zvon' - what is it about and who is it about?

During the civil war of 1918 – 1920 in Russia, some generals, admirals and atamans of the white movement tried on, figuratively speaking, the jacket of issuers of banknotes.
And once you have decided to launch banknotes into circulation, be prepared, Your honor, for the fact that The people will christen them in their own way, and not as you wrote on the bill itself.
As an example of popular fantasy, I will give a far from complete list of nicknames that have acquired for various reasons the banknotes of large military formations of the white guard army:
'kolakoski' Siberian Provisional government, Admiral A. N. Kolchak;
'lionfish', 'Petrogradka' Northwest front, General N. N. Yudenich;
'cross' – West army, Prince P. R. bermondt-Aval;
'Sparrow', 'dove' – Chita, ataman G. M. Semenov;
'tutovka' – Orenburg ataman A. I. Dutov;
'don', 'Cossack' – Rostov-on-don ataman P. N. Krasnov;
'white', 'Wrangel', 'ribbons', 'jingle bells', 'Londoni' - VSYUR.
The armed forces of South Russia (VSYUR) was the longest-studied emission activities under the leadership of Mikhail Vladimirovich Bernatsky is a facsimile signature is on all bills VSYUR.
Mikhail Vladimirovich had the opportunity to practice in the issue activity earlier: the famous 'kerenki' - this is his brainchild when he was a short-term Minister of Finance in the government of A. F. Kerensky from September 2 to October 25, 1917.
What was done hastily in Moscow was done more thoroughly in the South of Russia in 1919 - 1920 by Denikin and Wrangel.
A 1000 - ruble banknote SIGNED by M. V. Bernatsky was printed in Novorossiysk, Odessa, and Feodosia. Depicted on the front side in the lower left corner of the Tsar bell with a characteristic break in the dome gave the bill its popular name – 'bell'.
But printed in Feodosia 1000 ruble tickets VSYUR series 'YAA' was no longer called 'bells', and 'Yashkin ringing' - so sharp-tongued Crimeans remembered General Yakov Slashchev - Crimean, famously fought in the army of Wrangel with the red and with the wheelbarrows of father Makhno on the Perekop Isthmus in 1919-1920.
That did not prevent him later, in 1922, to teach military tactics at the school of command staff 'Shot' in Moscow.
And become a prototype for Mikhail Bulgakov when writing the image of General Roman Khludov in the novel 'Run'.

But my collection series BA-075 – means just 'bell', without watermarks, judging by the series – Novorossiysk issue.

Тысячерублевый «колокольчик»

1000 руб. 1919 г.

Country : Россия
Denomination : 1000 рубль
Year : 1919
Quantity :
Issuer :
Series :
Valid from :
Valid till :
Cancelled :
Alexander R.

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