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2020-09-23 Other articles >

The Wreck Of The Titan

'Every night in my dreams
I see you, I feel you...'
It is these words from the song performed by Celine Dion that first come to mind when it comes to an incredibly dramatic episode of human history - the wreck of the British transatlantic steamer Titanic. Surely every night in the dream of this giant saw each of the 712 surviving passengers. 1496 people sank to the bottom together with a huge vessel with a displacement of more than 50 thousand tons - they sailed towards their fate, they had joyful hopes for the future, they loved and loved...
At the beginning of the twentieth century, shipping in the Atlantic ocean brought huge profits. The reason for this was the mass emigration from impoverished Europe. In pursuit of the 'American dream', thousands of workers, peasants, and commoners left the continent to catch their luck in the free and independent United States.

In the fight against competitors, the shipping company 'White Star Line' ordered the construction of three huge ships - 'Olympic', 'Titanic' and 'Britannic'. They were to become real floating cities and bring huge profits to the company. However, only the 'older brother' - the liner 'Olympic', which served until 1935, coped with this function. The fate of the other two is tragic - the Titanic sank on its first voyage, and The Britannic was hit by a mine in 1916...
How could it happen that on the night of April 14-15, 1912, the passenger liner with the famous name 'Titanic' sank to the ocean floor to a depth of 3750 m?

To date, there are a lot of hypotheses - from man-made (a fire in the fuel storage, which lasted more than 2 weeks) to mystical (for example, the unfortunate fate of the captain with 25 years of experience, Edward Smith: ships under his command often ran aground, burned, collided with other ships).
However, the documents show an overconfidence of the crew, who ignored numerous warnings about ice on the ship's route. In addition, the negligence in small things, made in preparation for the voyage of the colossus, in this case was fatal.
How could the lookout seaman Frederick fleet notice an approaching iceberg from afar, if he did not have an elementary - binoculars?! The optics turned out to be locked in a safe, the keys to which the second mate David Blair, who was dismissed on shore, forgot to hand over.
A huge amount of cargo was taken on Board, including food and beverages, Cutlery and linen, fresh flowers, ice, opium - everything that was supposed to brighten up the stay of first - class passengers on Board. And no one (!) paid attention to the fact that the number of lifeboats is not enough for all passengers (there were only 20 of them - enough to accommodate only 1178 people, that is, half of the passengers on Board). Naturally, the liner is UNSINKABLE!
Going at top speed, 23 knots, the Titanic did not have time to maneuver when it collided nose-to-nose with a huge iceberg. As a result, the resulting 6 holes about 90M long damaged five bow compartments - the ship was not ready for this. In addition, the steel produced at that time, in low temperatures, became excessively brittle. This was also not taken into account by the developers of the model.
Luxury beauty, prepared for super-comfortable swimming, 'Titanic' could not cope with the elementary task - to avoid a collision with an iceberg. The tragedy that happened to the liner became an illustration of the historical picture that developed on the eve of the First world war. Excessive self-confidence of the powerful against the background of impoverishment of the masses, social stratification and blind faith in the invincibility of progress led to disastrous consequences. And the first sign was a terrible drama that took place in the icy waves of the Atlantic in April 1912...
Many Directors tried to bring the story of 'unsinkable' to the screens. One of the most striking film adaptations is the film 'Titanic' directed by James Cameron, Dating back to 1997. The filmmakers laid their 'cinematic wreath' in the form of a dramatic disaster film lasting three and a half hours. At the same time, Cameron himself made 12 dives to the site of the sinking of the liner on Board the Russian Bathyscaphes Mir-1 and Mir-2.

This epic tape is dedicated to a set of 6 coins minted in England. The Issuer is a cook Island public entity. The reverse shows the most vivid scenes from the film with the brilliant Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead roles.
For the first time, humanity was able to approach the remains of the ship in 1985. The historical expedition was led by Professor of Oceanology, former US Navy captain, enthusiast and fanatic Robert Ballard.
A commemorative issue of gold coins on behalf of the Solomon Islands is dedicated to the 35th anniversary of this event. The coins were released in a limited edition - only 49 pieces. The metal was chosen as the highest, 999th sample, manufacturing technology - proof.
The state of Burkina Faso has dedicated the issue of 50-franc bimetal coins to the 105th anniversary of the sinking of the liner.
One of the most original coins issued for the 100th anniversary of the tragic date of the British virgin Islands. It has a unique weight - 1 kg of 999 silver. The nominal value of the coin is 100 dollars, and the circulation is 300 thousand copies. The blackened surface is successfully complemented by a color image of the ship, against which the portrait of captain Edward Smith is placed.
The tragedy of 'Titanic' is covered by coins from many countries around the world: Tristan da Cunha, Liberia, Somalia, Tuvalu.
The topic is also presented in philately:
Even Nazi Germany issued a post block dedicated to the Titanic in 1942.
The shadow of future wars and revolutions was the death of an unsinkable liner. The world was already on the verge of disaster. HOBBYKEEPER ONLINE service will help you protect Your collection of coins, stamps, postcards, banknotes, collection coinsmarkspostcardsbanknots and paintings from unexpected situations. Register your personal account and create a digitized version of your favorite archive. You can access it from any mobile device thanks to the adapted version of the program.

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