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2020-08-13 Other articles >

The prima Donna of Soviet cinema

It is difficult to imagine the Soviet cinema is effervescent and incomparable, talented and unique Lyubov Orlova. Thanks to its appearance on screen in 1934 in the famous tape 'Funny guys' in cinema crowds have gone, the viewer, pushing the theatre into second place.

Talent is impossible to subordinate to any political developments. No matter how bad was the situation in the Soviet Republic in 30 years, the Orlov repression is not touched. Although...
Lyubov Orlova in the maternal line was descended from an old noble family. With seven years she studied at a music school in piano, took lessons of choreography and acting. Due to the difficult financial situation of the family of the Moscow Conservatory had to leave. Orlov ends the current Department of choreography at GITIS (then it was the Moscow theatre College. Lunacharskogo), works on a speciality the artist of the corps de ballet of the Musical theatre. Nemirovich-Danchenko.
It would Orlova had to sit on the episodes, if the case had not intervened His Majesty the Case. After her first husband, Deputy head of people's Commissariat, he was arrested and exiled to Kazakhstan, the artist understands that life will have to earn her living, not relying on the help of her husband. She begins to build a career, and now, thirty Orlova soloist in the operetta 'Pericoli'.

At this time the young Director Aleksandrov is looking for a leading lady for his new movie. Come to the theatre with the participation of Lyubov Orlova, Alexandrov saw exactly what I was looking for - stunning looks, sophistication, enthusiasm and innate artistry. Without Orlova 'gay guys' would not take place, and Annie just made the whole movie.
Alexandrov and Orlova were married. He shot her in his films, and fame did not keep itself waiting. However, you cannot forget the alarming time, when everywhere the NKVD was looking for enemies of the people. Orlova would remember everything, and her noble past, and a husband -'conspirator'. From the repression of the artist was saved by one thing - her popularity and a General love of the people.
Next was the brilliant films: 'the Circus', 'Volga-Volga', 'Spring', in which the Lyubov Orlova sings, dances, performs acrobatic stunts - in short, sparks and transmits the audience with his inexhaustible enthusiasm. This was the secret of her popularity, when Stalin himself did not dare to touch the artist. They say he even was in love with Orlov, but the Lyubov categorically denies the affair. 'Favorite, but not a mistress' - said she in his memoirs.
Moviegoer grateful to my darling who supported the defenders of the Motherland on the front lines. During the war, Orlov goes on tour on all fronts, starred in 'Combat kinosborniki'. Soldiers with admiration greeted the Honored artist of the RSFSR (1935), laureate of two Stalin prizes, a talented artist and simply charming woman who brought a warm letter from home...
To the 100 anniversary from the birthday of the stars of the Soviet screen in 2002, the Central Bank of Russia has issued a commemorative silver coin of 2 rubles. The reverse depicts the portrait of Lubov Petrovna and years of her life: 1902-1975. 10 minted thousands of commemorative coins at the Moscow mint.
In the series 'Popular actors of the Russian cinema' in 2001, Russia Post released a stamp with a picture of the actress loved by millions of viewers. It depicts a portrait of a star against the background of a scene from the film 'Circus'. Interestingly, the original script of Ilf and Petrov, the Director Grigory Alexandrov saw in a completely different perspective. If the original authors had in mind to create a domestic Comedy, the Alexandrov decided to raise anti-racist themes. It not only entertains the viewer but forces him to think about universal values.
And let, having lived 72 years, Orlov was a resounding success only until 1947 (when the screens released film 'Spring'), in the memory of viewers she will always be a shining blonde with a huge heart and excellent acting data.

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