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2020-07-13 Other articles >

The most expensive paintings on coins

Can you see the Creek, or to attach the canvas to the gentle breath of the night breeze?.. Painting meets solid 'Yes', demonstrating to the world the masterpieces of the geniuses of van Gogh and Munch, Cezanne and Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt. Let them have the originals of the paintings are few, but enjoy a small elegant reproduction to afford any connoisseur. Especially if it is placed on an original coin.
You can endlessly look at the face of Christ, written by the great da Vinci, recognizing in this all-new familiar features - the smile, sadness, love... Or enjoy the starry sky and the night views of the village, born in the fevered imagination of van Gogh. We appreciate the painting for what it awakens unknown feelings, gives a feeling of complete freedom and the hope that all dreams will come true.
Perhaps in this lies one of the secrets of the exorbitant cost of works of art belonging to the brush of recognized geniuses? Because, as you said Samuel Coleridge, 'painting - something between a thought and a thing'. Painting on coins as a reflection of the world in a drop of water. Since ancient times, we can trace the narrative reliefs and perhaps the paintings served as a source of inspiration to the ancient masters who minted coins.
Are you ready to learn how much today is the most expensive painting? In the painting of Leonardo da Vinci 'the Saviour of the world' at Christie's auction in 2017, the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia paid 450 million 312 thousand dollars (!). Coins with her image, of course, not so fabulously expensive, but a six-figure number on the price tag is also not less significant. However, in rubles.
Commemorative silver coin 'the Saviour of the world' was coined by the fourth-largest Australian Bank - Central Bank of Solomon Islands. Edition limited to only 100 copies, face value - $ 150 method of coinage is the proof.
For collectors - connoisseurs of the masterpieces of painting - of great interest is a set of seven coins issued in Italy. It includes the original coins from stainless steel coated with cold enamel, the obverse of which has been reproductions of famous paintings. Among them such eminent authors as Paul Gauguin, Gustav Klimt, Pierre Renoir, Jan Vermeer, Edvard Munch.
Brush the last one became the emblem of expressionist painting 'the Scream' (1893). In it the artist prophesies, heralding humanity of the twentieth century historical and spiritual turmoil. In 2019, the new Zealand government of Niue by the mint of Poland minted of 999 copies of the commemorative coin 'the Scream' face value of 1 dollar. Looking at the painting really begins to experience disturbing emotions that the author managed beautifully to convey through a blood-red background and the look of horror on the face in the foreground of the person.
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