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2020-08-14 Other articles >

The money town of Lewes, East Sussex, England

Pay the city money – the air will be cleaner

Lewis is a small town in the South-East of England, administrative centre of the County of East Sussex. Given the fact that this County is a large city Brighton-and-Hove with his Sussex University, the Royal pavilion and the football team in the English Premier League, Lewis that can perhaps boast of a ruined medieval castle and an annual torchlight procession on 5 November to commemorate the failed attempt of guy Fawkes in 1605 to blow up the houses of Parliament in London.
Given the fact that I had 9 months to live in East Sussex, I can assure you the town of Lewes in the financial center pulls. However, it was here in 2009 at the initiative of the City Council, was launched into circulation the so-called. “Lewes Pound” – what is your purpose and who is allowed?

A long time ago, 1789 to 1895, the town of Lewes produced their own money, but then stopped their production - on the strong recommendation of the Bank of England.

The money that came to light in 2009 on the initiative of the City Council of Lewis, and who do not have the status of legal tender, could count only on a voluntary agreement to accept them in payment for goods and services.
Why produce local money, according to their capabilities losing to the English pound? On the bill was written, for what purpose were printed and put into circulation Lewes Pounds: “keeps money circulating within Lewes” (keep the effective demand at the city limits).

You want to help the shops, taking the realization of goods of local producers? You want to support Sussex farmers in their competition with the major distributors of meat and dairy products?

Then use to pay for goods and services Lewes Pound, pre-exchanging your pounds sterling at the rate of 1:1. The issue of the Lewes Pound have provided 100 NYM coverage in the British currency in local banks: all the printed money would be free to withdraw from treatment.
But if the money go to the city in a circle, partially taken away by tourists as Souvenirs and do not apply to the exchange for the national currency, it actually means the emergence of seigniorage from the city authorities. And the income you can send and to support local producers and the protection of the environment, and other noble goals.

And as an illustration of nobility of those intentions on the bill are the portrait and the words of the great educator of the eighteenth century, and from 1768 to 1774 g g – a resident of Lewis Thomas Payne: “We have in our power to build the world anew” (we can renew the world).

On the reverse side of the banknote No. 0015124 the inscription: “Valid until 31 August 2014” - this means that the life of this bill has expired. But what's to stop the City Council Lewis to print a new city money, if the residents approve set their production goal?

Деньги городка Льюис

1 фунт 2009 г.

Country : Великобритания
Value : 1 фунт
Year : 2009
Quantity :
Issuer : Городской Совет г. Льюис, Англия
Series :
Valid from :
Valid till :
Cancelled :
Alexander R.

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