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The Maestro of all lovers

Mendelssohn is the 'Wedding March'. Such Association occurs primarily when you hear the name of the German composer. And only after the memory POPs up his magical Overture to the play 'a Midsummer night's Dream', or the heart-rending cry of the soul in the Violin Concerto in e minor. How many brilliant performers brought to life the creations of Felix Mendelssohn, and many of his creations continue to give heavenly inspiration!

American Yehudi Menuhin, who became a classic for many; Sergey Pospelov, at the age of 11 performed their first concert of Mendelssohn on the big stage; intriguing, ray Chen, who owns the violin since 4 years... They inspire us, drawing energy into the creations of the great Mendelssohn, generously endowing the perfect sound of your favorite songs.
Born in Hamburg to a wealthy family of the Jewish banker, Felix loved music, literature and painting. Possessing a lively mind, growing up in a creative, intellectual atmosphere of the boy soon revealed his talent. At the age of 12, Mendelssohn is performing as pianist and conductor (!), and Berlin Bohemians favorably perceives a serious and unusually talented young man.
It was in this flourishing age Mendelssohn is depicted in the portrait of the famous German artist Hildebrandt. In 2009, Germany issued a commemorative stamp, choosing for it this pattern:
Today the fame of the composer as a musician of all lovers Mendelssohn has earned deservedly so. Being a man is emotional, in the last years of his short life, he felt an unrequited passion for 'the Swedish Nightingale' - the Opera singer Jenny Lind. Some people think that her refusal was the reason for his mysterious sudden death, after two strokes in Leipzig. And then there's dying beloved sister of Mendelssohn, Fanny, to which he has since childhood years existed a strong emotional attachment...
Amazingly accurately convey the contradictory inner world of the Mendelssohn managed the German artist Edward Magnus. He paints a portrait of the composer just a year before his untimely death. The attentive viewer can read at the smiling face of a musician seal immense sadness and a vague anxiety that beset the soul of Mendelssohn.
True connoisseurs of art know that Felix Mendelssohn became history not only as a brilliant composer. He left behind a remarkable collection of paintings, light and elegant landscapes of his favorite places. Special attention deserves the painting 'the garden of Jacob Reichel in winter Leipzig', written in 1836:
or a little naive, riddled with amazing soft light 'View of Interlaken':
Collectors of paintings would be flattering to have in the archive pictures of the great German. Service Hobby Keeper You can easily create the most complete digitized catalogue of the paintings of Mendelssohn and any other works of art, to systematize their artistic creativity, add descriptions, and personal notes, share with friends experts. Just download the mobile app 'Collection of paintings' and get access to their archives, 24/7, wherever You are.
In the homeland of the composer in honor of the founder of the Leipzig Conservatory to its 175th anniversary, released a jubilee coin of 5 marks:
The Polynesian nation of Tuvalu in 2009 in the series 'Great composers' released a commemorative silver coin $ 1, dedicated to Felix Mendelssohn. Its circulation is restricted to 5 thousand copies. They say if you take and heat in the palms of the coin, my head will start to sound the music of the genius composer.
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