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2020-08-12 Other articles >

The Drachma Of Ancient Greece

Corinthian helmet: the head, the Greeks took care in the first place

The drachma was the name of the national currency of the Hellenic Republic prior to the introduction of the Euro in the country since 1 January 2002 This is were the name of the monetary unit in the ancient Greek city-States – silver coin weighing about 4 grams, which had a wide circulation in the IV - III centuries BC.

If you believe the Heraclides, dram gets its name from another, smaller ancient Greek coin Obol 6 obols Greek is pronounced as 'δραχμή' – 'drachma'.
The ancient Greeks came to the minting of coins as an art, and different policies were minted different coins. Presented to the silver drachma from my collection has No. 5435 catalog Sear and weighs 3.62 oz.
A love of mythology of the ancient Greeks manifested including that of their gods and goddesses were depicted on both sides of the coin.

And on this coin: on the obverse is the goddess of wisdom Pallas Athena in Corinthian helmet, on the reverse of the winged goddess of victory Nike with a Laurel wreath on his head. They were often depicted together, and in the myths they are more friends, but not rival.

The coin was minted roughly in the III-II centuries BC in side, province of Pamphylia – nowadays is a popular Turkish resort, 75 km from Antalya. The name of the city side, too, has a mythological origin: in honor of the highly revered residents of the nymph side, whose name in Anatolian dialect meant 'pomegranate'.
Regarding the Corinthian helmet on the head of Pallas Athena: it is distinguished by the fact that this helmet was a solid protection for the head, but left open the face of a warrior.

The helmet was heavy – its weight can reach 2 kg at the time how similar the helmets weigh less than 1 kg But the result justified this inconvenience: in the extant descriptions of the battles of heroes with a Corinthian helmet on the head could have died from a blow with a sword in the chest, but they are not carried away from the fight with a broken head.
Corinthian helmet with horsehair crest is one of the symbols of Ancient Greece: it is found on many artifacts of the era, including coins; in Corinthian helmet movies show us the ancient heroes – remember brad pitt in the role of Achilles in the movie Troy.

However, regarding brad pitt is another argument in favour of the Corinthian helmet to be Director Wolfgang Petersen just didn't want to hide the actor's face from his numerous fans?

Драхма Древней Греции

Sear 5435


Country : Греция
Value : Драхма
Year : III-II веках до н. э.
Mint : г. Сиде, провинция Памфилия
Circulation :
Material : Серебро
Weight : 3.62
Diameter :
Alexander R.

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