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2020-08-09 Other articles >

Surrogate money Kremenchug

Coupons local – lettering interesting

The Civil war in Russia gave rise to a great variety of surrogate money: they released armed forces – the fronts and armies, provincial and district cities, factories and shops. Released surrogate money, even cooperatives of local value are coupons, checks, credit brand.

Take for example the city of Kremenchug, Poltava province,1918 - 1919 years. Power in Ukraine and, most importantly, in each province separately changing rapidly, with each new government does not consider it necessary to respect the banknotes, issued by the previous government: prints new money, bringing premium once its usurpers.
Historians estimate that during the Civil war the power in Kiev changed 11 times. In the province of Poltava and Kremenchug in the district - a similar situation: petkovci R. S. F. S. R. c hryvnia and karbovanets of the Ukrainian state friends didn't.

If they failed to agree on country-level or province – people agree locally with its neighbors, forming various types of cooperatives and these cooperatives issued its own banknotes. Examples of such issuers to Kremenchuk:
- Kremenchug consumer society 'General use'
- Kremenchug credit partnership;
- Kremenchug worker co-op 'Lame soldier';
- Kremenchug consumer society 'United labor';
- The Jewish community of Kremenchug;
- Kremenchug society of consumers 'Self-help'.
In contrast to the Hetman Pavlo Skoropadsky who ordered for printing the 'hetmanek' sketches in the Ukrainian Baroque style of the artist I. Zolotova, and when printed used purchased in Germany paper watermarked 'wavy lines' and 'bright star', the cooperatives do not bother about design and paper – took what was in the nearest print shop.

In the money sign of the co-operative, Marche, receipt or Talon wrote: the name of the cooperative the nominal value of signatures, and the series and number: emissions need to be controlled not only at the state level.
And if the place remained on paper – you can write something informative. As it did in Kremenchug society of consumers 'Self-help' - see below:
1. 'Mass without unions powerless Union without knowledge is useless.
2. Do not buy in a private shop that you can buy in your cooperative.
3. Cooperatives strong when possess large capital, increase their shares, bring in your co-op savings'

How much solvent propaganda leaflets had printed the cooperators from the 'Self-help' - unknown. But it is clear that the unsigned guide of the co-operative stamp of the series B No. 10077 in the amount of 10 rubles (not hryvnia and karbovanets!) so was none of it used.

Суррогатные деньги Кременчуга

10 рублей (кооперативная марка)

Country : Украина
Value : 10 рубль
Year : 1918
Quantity :
Issuer :
Series :
Valid from :
Valid till :
Cancelled :

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