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2020-07-24 Other articles >

Patriarchal romanticism of Tchaikovsky

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky is known to the world as a brilliant composer, author of operas, ballets, symphonies, romances. He is one of those brilliant artists whose creative take-off is inseparable from the fate of their country.
His most famous works, Tchaikovsky wrote in the 60-70-ies of the XIX century when the Russian Empire is booming socio-economic and cultural development. Left behind a shameful past of serfdom in 1861, Alexander II signed the 'Position' of the peasant reform. This event entails a fundamental change in Russian society. Like a weather vane on the roof, artistic elite is very sensitive to changes in the country, inspired by it. Perhaps it is the endless love for their homeland lies the secret of musical skill of the composer, his talent to see light through the prism of the tragic.

Of course, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, who grew up in the provincial Votkinsk were close firsthand the theme of peasant life. After mother gave him his first music lessons from the age of five Petrusha takes talented serf Maria Palchikova. Soulful songs of the peasants that were heard in the evenings in the district, all deposited in the memory of Tchaikovsky in order to later sprout sensual notes in his 'the snow maiden', the collection '50 Russian folk songs for piano 4 hands.'
The homeland of the composer dedicated to coin-token 'Votkinsk. The great Russian composer P. I. Tchaikovsky', released in Saint-Petersburg:
For a musician sensuality is the basis of creativity. Special emotional, bordering on neurotic, little Peter showed from childhood. 'Porcelain boy' - so named for his governess, a Frenchwoman, Fanny Durbach. Parents, fearful nervous attacks from too emotional of music, sent Peter to get the legal profession in the Imperial school of jurisprudence in Saint Petersburg.
However, anyone who has visited the Northern capital, will forever fall in love with its sensual atmosphere, thoroughly imbued with the romanticism, and will not be able to perceive life exclusively pragmatic. And at 21, Tchaikovsky decides that his life belongs to Music.
If You happen to be on the ballet by Tchaikovsky, You can't forget him ever. Refined atmosphere and a resounding passion - so you can call that will beset You during the nearly three-hour spectacle.
For connoisseurs of interesting will be themed postage stamps are dedicated to ballet. The centenary of the premiere of the famous 'Nutcracker' dedicated to the first postage issue of the Russian Federation. The author of the miniatures is the artist Yu Artsimenev created thumbnails using stage photos:
And in 1995 in Russia minted palladium coins of 25, 10 and 5 rubles with the image of a ballerina from the ballet 'Sleeping beauty':
They say that 'the artist must be hungry', otherwise he will lose the ability for subtle perception. Starve the Tchaikovsky, too, had, however, fate decided that the quest for material not overshadow the creative process. Having received the approval of connoisseurs of music during his lifetime, Tchaikovsky was able to receive financial support even from the Emperor himself (in 1881 Alexander III gave the composer 'irrevocable aid' in the form of 3 thousand rubles). And his invisible patron and admirer of talent of N. F. von Meck provided annual financial support in the form of quite a tidy sum for almost three decades!
Still, Pyotr Ilyich invariably drawn to their homeland. Though he loved to travel to Europe and America, long to live in interesting places, his last years Tchaikovsky spent in Russia. The fact that the author of the ballets 'Swan lake', 'Nutcracker' and 'Sleeping beauty', the operas 'Eugene Onegin', 'Mazeppa', 'Iolanta', stunning in its energy sector symphonies, overtures and suites lived only 53 years, causing incredible grief. If not for that fateful glass of water (it is believed that Tchaikovsky contracted cholera by drinking water in St. Petersburg elite restaurant), the world could enjoy more than one work of genius.
In gratitude, the descendants perpetuated the memory of the outstanding Russian composer, teacher, conductor in many different ways. World philately describes commemorative stamps, envelopes, stamp prints, dedicated to Tchaikovsky. To the 100-year anniversary in the Soviet Union in 1940, the brand was released on a nominal 30 cents:
An outstanding event for collectors has become a thematic philatelic exhibition, held in 2018 in Klin, where the house-Museum of Russian genius. It was presented more than 250 pieces related to the life and work of the composer: the unit of the Republic of Slovenia:
brand of Kyrgyzstan, Bulgaria, Monaco, Macedonia, and, of course, Russia/USSR, and more:
In 1990, the 150th anniversary of the birth of Tchaikovsky, the Soviet Union was the first coin minted in denominations of 1 ruble, made in two versions - UNC and proof:
In the series 'Russia's Contribution to the Treasury of world culture' in 1993, Moscow mint minted a commemorative gold coin 100 rubles.:
Gained fame and love of fans during his lifetime, Tchaikovsky loved and honored by descendants in centuries. To Your collection of coins, stamps, postcards, banknotes, paintings have been preserved and will delight You for many years - use program HOBBYKEEPER ONLINE. Register a personal account and enjoy free access to your files from any mobile device 24/7!

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