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a Mystery still unsolved

Exonumia or paranumismatics-this is the name of collecting coin-like artifacts that were not originally intended to perform the function of money. These include various types of tokens, souvenir medallions, and even fake coins, which also have their own collectors, primarily because of their cheapness in comparison with legal tender minted at state mints.

Tokens that are not intended to perform the functions of money attract collectors primarily because they can have a wide variety of purposes - from Souvenirs to identity cards. Commemorative token in honor of the 10th anniversary of the United Investment Bank (OBIBANK), dog tags USA and token to the porter at the railway station – it all can be Economii, and therefore have collectible value, sometimes considerable.
Due to the cost savings on their production, tokens can have minimal information about their purpose on their surface: sometimes they are individual letters, sometimes they are a drawing without any text – those for whom they are intended know this perfectly well.

But after a long time after its release, the token that got into the collection can turn into a mystery, as it happened with the convex-concave copper (brass-?) badge with the double-headed eagle of the Russian Empire and the inscription 'SPB O. K. Z. SPB'.
Internet to help: O. K. Z.-Okhtinsky capsule plant, St. PETERSBURG-clear and without Internet-St. Petersburg. Why would a defense plant issue its own tokens?
The token has 4 features:
he – concave side of the obverse;
convex image on a concave side (obverse) is identical to the concave image on the convex side (reverse);
convex face with the concave image (reverse) is written very clearly: crown, 2 eagle head, his tail, all his feathers, the cross on the Orb and the inscription 'O. K. Z. SPB SPB' removed from definition of negativity in the photograph;
preservation of the coin – AU (Almost Uncirculated), although he was already more than 100 years.
The Internet also offers a choice of 2 versions of the purpose of the O. K. Z. token:
tokens were placed in a box with capsules before being sent to the consumer as a sign of product quality confirmation – after all, O. K. Z. products were intended for defense;
tokens-the convex side-were used as a stamp on a plasticine seal to confirm the quality of raw materials, but already when it was accepted from O. K. Z. supplier factories
I'm not interested in exonumia, but this token hooked me with its riddle – can anyone know the answer: a quality mark, a stamp, or a third option?

Жетон О.К.З.

Жетон О.К.З.

Country : Российская империя
Value :
Year : Начало 20 века
Mint :
Circulation :
Material :
Weight :
Diameter :

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