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2020-08-28 Other articles >

Mundiale 2018 on stamps and coins

Arrigo Sacchi called football 'the most important thing of all the unimportant things'. Well, the coach knows better. If you have never kicked a ball or hit a goal, football passion is not for you. If, at the sight of the ball, you mentally calculate its trajectory, and the muscles on your legs involuntarily tighten - then everything related to this sport is important to You.

And even more so - the world Cup. They start preparing for the world Cup long before it starts. Both players and fans. This includes the Central Bank, which has developed a special program for issuing commemorative and investment coins. After all, the main football event of 2018 - the FIFA world Cup-took place in Russia.
On December 21, 2016, the Central Bank announced the release of themed coins, and all the lucky ones were finally able to see what investment coins look like. For example, a silver three-rouble piece, published in a circulation of up to 300 thousand pieces. It contains 31.1 g of 999 silver. The reverse shows the coveted Cup and the inscription in stylized old Slavic letters: 'FIFA world Cup 2018 in Russia'.
Gold mundiale looks like 100 thousand coins of a round shape, weighing 7.78 g each. The metal sample is the highest, 999th. In contrast to the investment coins-ingots of rectangular shape, which we saw on the XXII winter Olympic games in Sochi, 50-ruble coins have a round shape. But the quality of the coinage is the same - 'uncirculated', which makes the surface matte and discreetly shiny.
the Central Bank introduced commemorative coins made of both precious and base metals for the world Cup. Among the first - gold and silver, and one series of silver coins has a nominal value of 3 rubles. The image on it is interesting because it is made as if in a three-layer dimension.

In the foreground in front of us is a football player in an active pose. On the side - a shaped window with a recognizable image of one of the 11 cities hosting the championship, as well as its name written in a stylized font. The background of all this splendor is images taken from Russian folk tales: twisted patterned flowers, stars, domes, wonderful animals. The illustrations to Afanasiev's fairy tales immediately come to mind-magical, wondrous, and unique. Taking such a coin in your hands, you immediately understand what country it belongs to - after all, such ornaments are inherent only in mother Russia...
Coins made of copper-Nickel alloy have both single-color and color versions. The 25-ruble coin has a fairly large circulation - 20 million pieces. The image on it progresses from the original emblem of the mundiale, to the coveted Cup and the mascot-the wolf Zabivaki.
At the same time, 250 thousand copies are accounted for coins with special registration in color. Each has a packaging blister with a holographic numbered certificate.
But not only the host of the Championship had a chance to release commemorative numismatic products. The Queen of football, Spain, in 2017 pleased all numismatists-fans of sports and minted a gold coin with a face value of 100 euros. A small circulation of 3,000 copies is 23-millimeter coins, the weight of the precious metal from which they are made is equal to 6.75 grams.
The coin dedicated to the 2018 FIFA world Cup was issued by the Republic of Senegal. Its nominal value is 250 CFA francs. The metal from which 5 thousand copies are minted is 999 gold. The weight of each coin is 0.5 g.
In may 2018, the Bank of Russia issued its first polymer banknote dedicated to the mundiale. In addition to geographical data (the names of 11 Russian cities hosting the championship), there is a rather symbolic composition on the left side of the banknote. A boy with a soccer ball in his hands dreams of the glory of the famous Lev Yashin, which indicates the continuity of generations in sports. The denomination of the banknote is 100 rubles.

With the introduction of the first hard banknote, there were quite curious cases when ATMs refused to accept an unknown monetary unit. The fact is that the Central Bank did not configure the receiving devices, based on the understanding that a solid banknote will quickly settle in the pockets of collectors, and is unlikely to be in circulation at all. In fact, this is what happened - although the polymer weave is a full-fledged means of payment, it simply did not reach the store counters. She's too good for that).
If you don't play football, but you admire the design of the main prize of the FIFA world Cup 2018, postage stamps and blocks will allow You to become a repeated owner of it. Let in in 2015 by the host country of the world Cup, the postal block allows you to view the Cup in all its glory. The nominal value of one copy is 100 rubles.
Another Cup is presented on the original block with a hexagonal stamp in the center. It is placed against the background of Russian stadiums, where sports battles broke out.
An interesting retrospective of Soviet philatelic products dedicated to football was released in 2018. Being dedicated to the world Cup, it recalls the participation of Russian national teams in the world football Championships, covering the time period from 1958 to 1986.
With a circulation of almost 300 thousand copies, a small sheet containing 8 postage stamps dedicated to the best game moments of the Championship was published. Each stamp shows the players on the field, and the flags of the national teams represented at the competition are placed next to it.
Football in art is dedicated to another small sheet, the format of 135*106 mm. As part of the 2018 FIFA world Cup, it features reproductions of famous Soviet artists and sculptors. If you are looking for harmony of the human body, sports dynamics and winning excitement-all this is available on 8 postage stamps of this series. 
In 2017, the Tajik post introduced thematic postage stamps dedicated to the world Cup. They list the cities where the game matches were played, as well as depict the sharp moments on the field.
Football players need, first of all, brains and a ball. Running should be left to animals - this is deeply convinced by the Dutch coach Louis van Gaal, who himself started as a midfielder back in 1972. I do not agree with him may be the only one for whom football is not a serious interest. After all, football players are not just muscles and lungs, they are strategists and thinkers who gather experience and knowledge bit by bit to make the most of their skills in the game.

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