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2020-10-16 Other articles >

Money Of The Golden Horde

Rose of Khan Janibek (1342-1357)

Coins of the ulus of Jochi, known as the 'Golden Horde' – this is a topic for numismatists of a special warehouse, who in small coins without portraits of rulers, with a legend written in Arabic script, see both the ruler, the place of coinage, and the era itself, which most of us have learned from school the wording '200 years of the Tatar-Mongol yoke'.
With the help of stamp analysis, by building stamp chains, meticulous numismatists of juchid coins build the evolution of the minted craft of unknown masters and do this on a variety of geographical material – on the products of the mints of Bulgar, Saray, Solkhat (Crimea), Khorezm.
The silver dirham is a coin first minted in the Arab Caliphate at the end of the seventh century. In The Golden Horde, the word 'dirham' was transformed into 'Dang' - this is how they began to call silver coins of 1-1.5 grams minted in the mints of the Tatar-Mongol state.

The city of Saray at the mouth of the Kama river became the location of the mint during the reign of Uzbek Khan. During the reign of his son Janibek (1342-1357), it was already called Saray al-Jedid, which added the epithet 'Renewed'to the original name of the city. It was not just one of the cities of the ulus of Jochi – until its destruction by Tamerlane in 1395. Saray al-Jedid was the capital of the Golden Horde.
The Dang of Khan Janibek, minted in Saray-al-Jedid, has number 215 in the catalog-determinant of R. Z. Sagdeeva 'Silver coins of the khans of the Golden Horde»  - this is from more than 600 types of coins presented in the catalog. And this is despite the fact that without images forbidden by Islam, the varieties of juchid Dang can only be determined by the legend – what is written on the coin and how these inscriptions are located on it.  

The Mongols are not Arabs: they spoke the Mongolian language, built their writing on the Uyghur alphabet, and used Arabic to write the legend on coins. But you can also create interesting images from Arabic mosaics.
Russian viewers could see Khan Janibek in Andrey Proshkin's film 'Horde': Khan Taidul's mother became blind, and Janibek summoned Metropolitan Alexy from Moscow for her treatment, threatening to ruin Moscow if the Metropolitan's prayers did not take effect. In the performance of actor Innokenty Dakayarov, Khan appears to the audience as a person capable of artistic perception: he picked up a more elegant throne for himself, and is able to parody the performing artist.
The obverse of Dang Khan Janibek resembles an unopened rose.
Inside the circle - the inscription 'Janibek Khan', around the circle the inscription - 'Hakan Fair Jalal ed-DIN Mahmud Sultan'.
'Mahmud' is the Muslim name of Janibek.
'Jalal-ed-DIN' in Arabic means 'Glory of the Faith' - well, how can you do without Eastern epithets? Probably the adjective 'Just' was considered insufficient to characterize the merits of the Great Khan!
The reverse of the Dang was without epithets: minted in Saray-al-Jedid, 742 Ah according to the Muslim calendar.
Dangi were well known in Russia – the silver Mongol coin and tribute was paid to the Tatar-Mongols, and they bought cattle products from them.
And they took them as a model for minting their own silver coins of individual specific principalities – 'scales'. Even the Prince of Moscow Dmitry Donskoy did not disdain to mint on their coins written in Arabic script standard for Dang praise of the khans of the Golden Horde.

As an example,I will give a silver scale with the obverse 'PRINCE velikidmitri' and the reverse 'Sultan Toktamysh Khan may he LIVE long' - P. G. Gaidukov 'catalog of personal money of Grand Duke Dmitry Ivanovich Donskoy (1359-1389).M, .2009, p. 323-364.

Деньги Золотой Орды

Сагдеева 215

Данг хана Джанибека

Country : Золотая орда
Denomination : данг
Year : 742 г. хиджры
Mint : Чекан Сарая
Circulation :
Material : Серебро
Weight :
Diameter :
Alexander R.

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