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1918: collection by boat on the Volga

The theme of 'money hunger' in Russia occurs in periods of revolutionary for the economy to shocks when the power in the heart ceases to feel the pulse of life on the ground. This situation, in November 1917, when the 'upper classes' in Petrograd was more concerned about how to stay 'up there' that they eventually failed, rather than the performance of their duties in time to deliver to the province cash state sample.

Tsaritsyn, November 26, 1917, the urban and rural Council issued an appeal to residents: 'in view of the consuming Public by the Bank of all money and shortfall from Petrograd reinforcements, a State Bank with this, November 25, declared temporarily closed. To restore normal monetary circulation to take emergency measures.'
Where rushed to the inhabitants of the city after this announcement? Naturally, private banks – to withdraw money from deposits.
In Tsaritsyn at the time was 3 local banks: City Bank, merchant Bank Tsaritsyno and the Tsaritsyno Bank of the mutual credit society. This trio – together branches of nonresident Tsaritsyn the Volga-Kama Bank, the Azov-don commercial Bank and the Russian commercial-industrial Bank - do 3 days fairly emptied their warehouse, and not waiting for the promised city government emergency measures.
Emergency measures, but the special nature taken by the Central Bolshevik authorities – 30 November 1917, for control over the activities of all banks was appointed Commissioner of the Mists. Actions met the spirit of the new age, namely:
- did the inspection of Bank safes: if the owner of the safe for any reason was not in the Bank is the appointed time – the safes were opened, the contents were confiscated
- State Bank was renamed the people's;
- the above private banks were nationalized and converted into the offices of the National Bank.
And as a makeweight to these 'emergency measures' was the decision to produce his own, Tsaritsyn booms – 'temporary credit cards Tsaritsyno city government' in denominations of 1, 3, 5, 25 and 100 rubles,' popularly known as 'minincome' in honor of mayor Sergei Konstantinovich Minin...

August 1918, the don army of General P. N. Krasnov took up positions near the village Gumrak to the center of Tsaritsyn hand. The Tsaritsyno national Bank, carrying out the orders of a local Council of deputies, adopted a decision to change the point of deployment. To protect the Bank's values from dashing cavalry raids of General P. N. Krasnov, it was decided to move the cash in the amount of RUB 310.4 million from a Bank vault in the holds of the steamer 'Storm' and then periodically deliver them to the citizens.
Those who had the opportunity to visit Volgograd before 1925 – the city of Tsaritsyn, well you know how wide the Volga river in the Central part of the city. You can imagine how loaded 'minincome' collector boats ply the route Tsaritsyn-'the Storm'-Tsaritsyn, carrying residents of a long-awaited salary. Whether there were cases when the boats with the collectors did not swim to shore is unknown, but 100 ruble credit card yellow No. 12981 of the water hazard, 1918, successfully overcame, once in the collection of a man who was born in this city.


100 рублей 1918 г. (Мининка)

Country : Россия
Value : 100 рубль
Year : 1918
Quantity :
Issuer : Царицынское городское самоуправление
Series :
Valid from :
Valid till :
Cancelled :

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