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the Gold standard was introduced, but the exchange for gold did not stop in the war

State credit card. One hundred rubles. 1898
The state Bank exchanges credit cards without limiting the amount (1 p = 1/15 Imperial contains 14.424 shares of pure gold).
Manager S. Timashev

Sergey Timashev worked in the state Bank system for 16 years. Being a comrade (read Deputy) Manager E. D. Pleske since 1893, he took an active part in the implementation of the Witte monetary reform of 1895 – 1897, which established the Gold standard in Russia and the unhindered exchange of credit cards for gold.
In September 1903, S. I. Timashev himself headed the state Bank and worked as a Manager until November 1909. It is to his efforts and firm principled position that Russia owes the fact that during the Russo-Japanese war of 1904 – 1905, the exchange of credit cards for gold was not stopped despite the difficult state of Russian finances.

colleagues described Sergey Ivanovich as a reserved and tactful person who seeks to achieve consensus on complex problems of public finances. However, if we look at the banker's published memoirs, we will see that on fundamental issues, he did not consider it possible to compromise even under pressure from higher-ranking officials.
'once he (P. A. Stolypin – A. R.) invited me to explain a Bank loan, taking part in the fate of a faulty debtor who received a large loan from the Bank. Despite Stolypin's intercession, it was not possible to provide this debtor with any relief.'
From' Autobiographical notes ' by S. I. Timashev

Simply put, the head of the state Bank refused the Prime Minister. I tried to project the conversation between Timashev and Stolypin on the relationship of any head of the Central Bank with any head of government in the USSR or in the Russian Federation – I did not succeed: it is unrealistic.
The' Katenka 'of the 1898 model was replaced in circulation by the' Katenka ' of the 1910 model –the 100 ruble banknote signed by S. Timashev was withdrawn from circulation under Nicholas II, and the Bolsheviks in 1917 used the cliche of the 1910 model to cover revolutionary expenses.

So the banknote d ' 064934 signed by S. I. Timashev turned into a rarity.

A. L. Vychugzhanin 'S. I. Timashev 'Life and activity'. Slovo publishing house, 2006.

«Катенька» Тимашева

100 рублей 1898 г.

Country : Российская империя
Value : 100 рубль
Year : 1898
Quantity :
Issuer :
Series :
Valid from :
Valid till :
Cancelled :
Alexander R.

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