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2020-07-26 Other articles >

Joseph Haydn, mercury and the 'Oscar' when the stars line up

Franz Joseph Haydn glorified his birth is not known to anyone lower Austria village of Rohrau, where he came into this world. His father is a coach-master, mother cook, but the boy's talent for music was already evident in 4 years. His crystal voice sounded in the Vienna Cathedral St. Stephen's for over 9 years, where Joseph was lucky enough to get a basic understanding of playing musical instruments.
It was here that Haydn took the ease and divine sound for his symphonies and concertos, which won the audience. After just a couple of decades of his music will be struck by the Viennese light, fascinated by the elegance and refinement of works of the young composer. And today, the audience transfixed in reverent desire not to frighten the beautiful invisible Muse that appears in the mind when you hear Haydn...
In a cruel twist of fate at a young age to Joseph Haydn lacked training gold guilders, and through the centuries the image of the great composer will be mint for gold coins. In 2004 in his homeland released circulation commemorative coins of precious metal 986 sampled with a nominal value of EUR 50:
While silver was the metal of which, in 1998, Austria has minted commemorative 25 ECU:
and in 2009, 5 gift silver Euro:
And while the young Joseph Haydn is forced to moonlight as a domestic servant for the Italian composer Nicola Porpora, with Nicolo. Maestro, noticing the genuine interest of young men music, gave him free lessons. The collaboration lasted for ten years, and soon the young talent got his first recognition from the public for the first Symphony he has written.
After listening to the melodic lilt of the flute, catching the soft sound of the violin, unwittingly transported to the brilliant society in Europe of the New time: feel the exquisite luxury of the courtyard, combined with unobtrusive folk-genre imagery, subtle humor and, of course, the lyrics. What can I say - the Vienna classic!
While the Austrian monarchy is zealously fighting for the European leadership at the turn of XVIII-XIX centuries, works of Haydn remains timeless. He writes a romantic, light Opera and Symphony, which conquers Vienna Bohemia. His concerts go shiny beauties and fabulously wealthy rich. All of them enthusiastically applauded the master, unable to contain the ecstasy of the magical music of Haydn.
After one of the concerts the audience rushed to the stage behind the auditorium dropped a huge Golden chandelier. However, no one was hurt as all students were grouped in front of his idol. This event is considered as 'miracle of God', then Joseph Haydn was given the nickname 'messenger of God'.
Haydn went down in world history as the founder of musical genres 'Symphony' and 'string Quartet'. Not wanting to have his birthday coincide with the day of the fool, who was known in Europe from the SIXTEENTH century, Joseph Haydn shifted the date of his birth one day. Encyclopedia of Britain returns 'March 31', although the testimony of Haydn recorded '1 APR 1732'.
To the 200th anniversary of Joseph Haydn in 1932, Austria issued a commemorative coin 2 shillings, and for the 250th anniversary - 20 shillings:
However, contemporaries went even further, perpetuating the name of the beloved composer in a variety of ways. It is named after the asteroid and one of the craters on mercury.
Most of the music of Haydn was chosen by the filmmakers - the emotionality of the picture, you can always add a luxurious musical composition. Moreover, Haydn's great 'fit' and dramatic, full of fire and pain the Oscar-winning 'the Pianist', and in light Comedy 'George of the jungle' and horror movie 'the Relic'. Real art is timeless and genres!
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