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2020-11-02 Other articles >

Jerusalem-city of faith

When it comes to Jerusalem, it seems that this ancient city is the answer to many modern questions. After all, the place where it is built is sacred to the three largest world religions. Here bows his head and a supporter of Judaism, and a committed Christian, and a deeply religious Muslim.

Unfortunately, the issue of religious affiliation has become a stumbling block all over the world. Offering Christian prayers or performing namaz is a vital necessity for many. But do have faith to divide? Crusades, Jihad, local religious conflicts-humanity has already shed so much blood in its history... And the reason for this is religious differences.

Perhaps it is Jerusalem that is entrusted with the sacred mission to unite the people of the Earth? Even the most violent extremist has Faith at the core of his beliefs. It is she who, as a guiding star, leads through life, makes you think and act. Why does it divide humanity? It's so easy to believe and love...
Jerusalem is an ancient and, at the same time, eternally young city. Among the million-strong population, it is home to representatives of many faiths, nationalities, and cultures. The complex history of the city reminds us that it is a unique place on earth where three major world religions - Christianity, Judaism and Islam-intersect. Therefore, when we talk about Jerusalem, we mean, first of all, religious symbols that are close to the heart of every believer.

Wailing Wall

The Western Wall is better known as the Wailing Wall. It is here, according to supporters of Judaism, that the gates of Paradise are located. 485 meters of ruined stone wall are located around the Western slope of the Temple Mount in the Old city of Jerusalem. It surrounded the Second Temple, the construction of which began under Cyrus the Great. It was destroyed by Roman troops in 70 ad. The sanctity of this place is confirmed by the Muslim, Christian, and Jewish religions.
Every year, millions of tourists visit the Shrine to convey their requests and prayers to the higher powers. Traditionally, everyone can write a message by putting it in a gap between the huge slabs of the Wall.

In numismatics, the theme is represented by a 20-shekel gold coin. It was minted in 2011 at the Royal Dutch mint with a circulation of 3,600 copies.
The image of the famous Wailing Wall adorns the Israeli silver 10 lire. Minted at the Birmingham Mint in the United Kingdom.
A first-day envelope Dating from 1979 is also dedicated to the Wailing wall:
as well as stamps of the Antilles.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

According to legend, on the site of today's Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jesus Christ was crucified, buried and miraculously resurrected. It is he who is the Central figure of the Christian religion, having become the atoning sacrifice for human sins.

Today, the Temple is an integral architectural complex consisting of churches, monasteries, and galleries. In the center is Golgotha with the place of the Crucifixion.
It is symbolic that the General management of all parts of the Church belongs to the Jerusalem Orthodox Church, and the keys have traditionally been in charge of the Arab-Muslim family since the 12th century.
The sacred Temple is depicted on a silver investment coin issued by the state of Niue in 2018. The original coin has a glass insert in the center. On both sides there is an image of the Temple - the exterior and fragments of the interior. The coin value is $ 10.
The recent discovery of an Israeli schoolboy became a sensation. In one of the streams of Samaria, the boy found an ancient coin, which turned out to be a priceless historical monument. It dates from The second Temple era and was minted during the reign of Herod's descendant, Agrippa. He ruled ancient Judea from 41 to 44 ad, and is the grandson of the famous Herod the Great. The latter went down in history as a killer of babies and their own sons, driven by the desire to preserve their own power.

The inscription with the name of king Agrippa is clearly preserved on an ancient numismatic monument.

all saints Cathedral

Special attention is paid to the Cathedral of all saints on the territory of the Gornensky convent in Jerusalem. Completed in 2003, it was solemnly consecrated by his Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all Russia.
In 2017, a postage stamp dedicated to the Cathedral Church was issued. Its nominal value is 35 rubles, and its circulation is 240 thousand copies. It was released by two States-Russia and Israel.

Gethsemane garden

According to the gospel story, Christ, while in the garden of Gethsemane, turned to God with a plea to avoid death. This act makes the Son of God close and understandable to all mortals, evoking human sympathy for his suffering while awaiting execution.

The prayer is depicted on the canvases of many famous artists. One of them, by Francisco Goya, is applied on the reverse of the coin of the cook Island state, released in 2020 in the series 'Masterpieces of art'. The $ 20 coins are encrusted with 16 Swarovski crystals, made of 999-proof silver, and have a gold coating. The print run is only 999 copies.
Gethsemane garden is located on the territory of the Old city. There are many natural beauties and historical attractions - the Church Of all Nations, the tomb of the virgin, Gethsemane pond. On the territory of the garden there are several ancient trees that are thousands of years old. It is possible that they are silent witnesses of the tragic events associated with the famous execution and the Miracle of resurrection.
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