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A city that never ceases to amaze with its sights, where time turns back, where nothing has a Statute of limitations - London, the perfect city.

Vsevolod Ovchinnikov, a well-known publicist and journalist who knows a lot about cities, believes that 'money is in new York, brothels are in Paris, but ideals are only in London'.

The city of fog and rain, the heart of the British Empire, London has so many iconic places that it would be enough for another 10 cities.

How did the settlement on the banks of the Thames manage to become the third largest European city, a global city of the highest rank, under the jurisdiction of which today are the richest international companies?
Roman-Londinium, Lundenvik, later-Lundenburg of the Saxons, the city was repeatedly burned, was subject to looting, epidemics and riots raged in it, but still London survived, while preserving its original identity.

Today's Londoners have inherited unique cultural memorabilia that date back centuries. For example, the famous Roman wall dates back 2-3 centuries. It surrounds today's business district of London-the city, whose territory-the 'Square mile' -is very similar to the ancient city-state. It is run by the mayor of London, the Lord mayor. Looking at the perfectly preserved masonry, it is hard to believe that the Roman wall is almost two decades old!
At the highest point of the city is one of the most recognizable cathedrals in the world - St. Paul's Cathedral. Its history is in many ways tragic, because the modern version is the fifth in a row. The former ones either burned down or were destroyed during the military conquest of London.

Today it is the main Cathedral of great Britain. Its dome is the second largest after the Vatican, and the interior is incredibly spacious - it does not have a choir partition.
Architectural structure-business card of the British capital. You can see it on an infinite number of postcards.
In 2019, a 50p coin was minted in the UK with the image of the children's pet Paddington Bear against the background of St Paul's Cathedral.
In 2017, Samoa introduced a silver coin dedicated to the famous Cathedral.
In the 'Architecture' series, in 1965, the UK Post office issued a postage stamp depicting St Paul's Cathedral.
Here, in July 1981, a landmark event took place - the Royal wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, which is reflected in philately. For example, Kenya was released into circulation a souvenir sheet consisting of 6 stamps.
Of course, what is London without the famous big Ben clock tower? It has become a symbol of the British capital and, of course, is reflected in numerous collectible copies of coins,
view cards.
Actually, the name itself - big Ben-refers to the largest bell on the clock tower, which is called 'Elizabethan'. It belongs to the Palace of Westminster, built in the 11th century.

The Palace has long been the main Royal residence. The first Parliament met here in 1295, and it still sits here today.

The Palace was minted on the Gibraltar 1 crown, issued in 2003 for the half-century anniversary of the coronation of Elizabeth II.
Thrill-seekers have undoubtedly already been able to appreciate the spectacular views from the famous Ferris wheel, called the 'London Eye'. Indeed, from its top (and this, for a moment, 134 meters!) a magnificent panorama of the entire British capital opens up. But if you suffer from acrophobia, this kind of entertainment is definitely not for You.
In 2018, the cat-d'He issued a silver coin with a color seal dedicated to the largest Ferris wheel in Europe.
Probably every civilized person knows the name of the London residence of the monarchs of great Britain - Buckingham Palace. It is here that the world-famous changing of the guard ceremony takes place, and representatives of the Royal dynasty wave from the balcony on holidays.
The Georgian architecture monument dates back to the 18th century. It is minted on numerous coins of great Britain.
The world-famous sights of London fire off bright fireworks, perpetuating the city's glory for centuries. They are closely intertwined past and present, so that it is no longer clear who complements whom.

Bright Piccadilly and and huge tower bridge,
numerous castles
and museums
make up an unforgettable flavor of London, seeing which once is impossible to forget...

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