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2020-09-28 Other articles >

From Terminator to Governor

Those who lived in the mid-nineties of the last century, of course, remember the Mexican TV series and Western action movies that flooded the TV of the post-Soviet space. The most striking character in the latter, of course, is the Terminator - a robot that is not devoid of emotions and human feelings. Colorful cyborg-thug played no less textured Arnold Schwarzenegger, and for many guys, black glasses, a motorcycle and a 'hedgehog' on the head have become attributes of coolness.
Young Arnie, at the insistence of his father, first played football, but soon realized that he was more interested in bodybuilding. He changes the football field for a gym, and the relationship with his parent, already cool, has become quite strained.

As a young man, Schwarzenegger, who chose his own path and ran away from his domineering father-a police gendarme in Munich, was very tight with money. The future millionaire had to sleep on the floor in a fitness club, where he got a part-time job, and often only dream of a hot lunch.

But the Austrian was not discouraged, he was determined to catch his luck by the tail. 'You can't climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets'- following his own motto, Arnold rolls up his sleeves and gets to work. He improves his body with bodybuilding and knocks on all the doors, hoping that he will be noticed.
And fortune smiles at the persistent guy - in 1967, he becomes the owner of the coveted title 'Mr. universe'. Then Joe Vader, publisher of bodybuilding magazines, invited lucky to the United States. There Arnold continues to work in the field of bodybuilding, and the result was not long in coming.

He became an idol for all bodybuilders, holding the title of 'Mr. Olympia' for five years in a row and publishes the 'Encyclopedia of bodybuilding', which became the Bible for all bodybuilders. 'It's simple,' says Schwarzenegger, ' if you have something shaking, it means it's fat.' Arnie, even now, in his seventies, does not have an ounce of excess weight, because he continues to train regularly, giving odds to the young.
Imitating idols in his sport and finding a certain fame, Schwarzenegger tries his hand at movies. The first masterpiece in which Iron Arnie lit up was 'Hercules in new York' - a picture that was coolly received by the audience and critics.

For a while, Arnold played 'C-grade', received little-known roles and low fees, but everything changed after the release of the world-wide fantasy 'Conan the barbarian'. Critics booed the film, but the audience Packed the theaters to the eyeballs, squealing with delight at the sight of a powerful handsome man in armor.
Further - more. Movie hits with the famous Austrian keep up at the dream factory, like hot cakes in the oven: 'Terminator' James Cameron, 'Commando', 'Predator'... In all his images, Schwarzenegger is organic, energetic and insanely charismatic.

Despite the evil tongues that called the actor a gorilla, women adored him for his strength and masculinity. Arnold's chosen one of the many passions was TV journalist Maria Shriver, with whom he raised four children.
Over time, the militants filled Arnie's teeth, and he decided to perform in a new role - Comedy. The picture 'Gemini', where the partner of Schwarzenegger was the star Danny DeVito, came to the public's taste. This was followed by 'Kindergarten COP', 'Junior', 'True lies' - Comedy actor-bodybuilder proved that he can play diverse roles, moving away from the image of a superhero.
In 2003, the former Mr. Olympia set out to master a new milestone and entered politics, running for Governor of California. 'The decision to become Governor was the most difficult one for me in my life. After the decision to do hair removal in the bikini area in 1986' - with irony, the actor commented on his choice. Although the opposition did not approve of the 38-year-old Governor, the people supported their favorite, re-electing him twice.
Today, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a successful actor, businessman, public figure and just a happy person. All that he dreamed of, he has achieved, but restless Arnie is not going to retire. Quite old age is not a hindrance to new achievements. In this respect, the actor compares himself to good wine, which only gets better from time to time.

Among his last roles - has already become a classic robot from the sixth part of the movie about the terminator, and also - shooting in the horror 'Maggie', in the fantasy 'the secret of the Dragon seal'. In addition, Arnold is producing a series in which he will play a Federal Marshal, a criminal hunter.
In 2003 and 2004, the Republic of Liberia issued commemorative coins dedicated to Arnold Schwarzenegger in denominations of 1 and 5 dollars. The copper-Nickel coins depict Arnie, the Governor of California, and on the reverse side is the coat of arms of Liberia with a palm tree and a ship floating on the waves.
In 2019, the Bank of Russia introduced a commemorative coin in the 'Hollywood heroes' series dedicated To iron Arnie. The product is decorated with laser engraving with a color image of Schwarzenegger from the famous blockbuster 'Terminator', in which he played one of his iconic roles.
In a series of stamps dedicated to famous Austrians, the post office of Austria in 2004 issued a stamp with a portrait of the famous countryman, as well as postcards and envelopes of the first day. In the portrait, Arnold Schwarzenegger looks businesslike and solid in a strict suit and tie.
Schwarzenegger is a vivid example of how, with the most ordinary initial data, thanks to perseverance, hard work and self - belief, you can achieve success in life.

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