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2020-07-28 Other articles >

Frederic Chopin: 'I give my Heart to the Motherland'

Figuratively and literally the heart of the Polish composer and pianist Frederic Chopin, remained faithful to his homeland. After the death of the musician, his body was buried in Paris cemetery, Pere Lachaise, and the heart embedded in the wall of the Church of the Holy cross in Warsaw, according to the will of the musician. It was in this Church he and a young man, played the organ, received its first public recognition. There he spent his most joyful years, when the musical talent of the boy was noticed and appreciated.
In childhood Frederick enjoyed life. He grew up happy and cheerful, charming those around you with your wit and talent. He had everything - loving parents, a comfortable home in Zelazowa-Will, the admiration of others.
However, the end of his short-lived (Chopin died when he was only 39!) life were marred by severe illness. To tuberculosis were added to the deep depression that overcame Chopin. He felt deeply unhappy man, suffering from separation from their native Poland. This pain brilliantly the composer expresses in his works, listening to enjoy and suffer at the same time...
Throughout his life, Chopin agonized over separation from Poland, where he had gone in 19 years. This theme is a bright thread pervades all the works of the composer, sharp, screaming pain sounding etude in C minor. His close friend, the famous Franz Liszt, is very accurately described the tone of the music, calling it 'revolutionary'. Today's generation knows this sketch under the same title.
Their freedom-loving piece Chopin wrote in the autumn of 1831, after news of the suppression of the Polish uprising. He, like many of his countrymen, dearly hoped the rebels will be able to get rid of the power of tsarist Russia, and the sky of Poland will be free.
However, the hopes of the rebels did not come true - on the night of 7 November was signed the capitulation of Warsaw. Chopin, intending to return and did not. About this composer will regret for the rest of his days. That sadness we hear in his concertos and sonatas, when the heart is full of longing for unfulfilled, and there comes the awareness of the impossibility of hope.
More thereof, the reason for the depression of the musician was his painful relationship with George sand. Although she was much older than Chopin, they shared a rather passionate feelings. However, the complicated nature of both, there are two children from the sand, which has not taken into his family a stranger, have caused the breakup. Failure on the love front struck another blow in the sensitive heart of the composer.
Well, brilliantly begun, the life of Frederic Chopin has ended on a high note. The composer left to posterity a generous inheritance, to which you can come to the concert, listening to a favorite Sonata for cello and piano, or enjoy the waltz in a minor... as far As light and happy were the young Chopin - it sounds in his works caress the senses and it's like shedding a soft light upon the soul. How much suffering he suffered, and his music is light and delicate, full of passion and love!..
With the love of his grateful countrymen, the poles regularly hold musical competitions. After one of these events, the XVII International piano competition Chopin the Mint of Poland has minted commemorative coins from silver of 999 tests:
The Issuer is the government of Niue, the coin denomination is 1 new Zealand dollar. The number of units equal to a year, which is dated to release in 2015.
A luxurious gift for coin collectors-fans of Chopin is a gift set of 8 silver coin 925. It was issued by the state of Andorra. Limited edition number 1810 instances, traditionally in honor of the year of birth of the composer.
Poland issued a large number of commemorative numismatic products, dedicated to his great countryman:
Not to mention the philatelic Sylphides, in which thousands of fans of the great wizard stave can become owners of the thematic stamps issued in the Soviet Union:
in the other countries of the world:
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