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2020-08-31 Other articles >

'Elementary, My Dear Watson!'

'Elementary, My Dear Watson!'- a phrase that immediately identifies a literary hero. The fame of the famous Baker street detective far surpassed that of its Creator, sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Although the statement attributed to Holmes is found only a few times in the original Conan Doyle, popular rumor has made him the author of this phrase.
Wondering what the secret of Sherlock Holmes's popularity is is a thankless task. Even Conan Doyle himself was perplexed about this, considering his adventure and historical novels (telling about the events of the Hundred years 'war' White squad', for example, or replete with details of the first Boxing fights' Rodney stone') much more meaningful and interesting. Moreover, sir Arthur even wanted to get rid of his annoying hero by throwing the detective at the hands of Professor Moriarty in the spring of 1891 into the depths of the Reichenbach falls.
However, popular love was so strong that the author had to 'resurrect' the deceased hero. It is said that the Queen of England herself, reading a series of entertaining detective stories, put in a good word to Conan Doyle. And so in 1894 (in the story 'Empty house', written in 1903), Holmes reappears in public, causing indescribable delight of readers. In addition, the material side of the case also mattered, as the editors of the magazine 'strand', which published a series about Sherlock Holmes, raised the fee from 35 pounds to 50.
In this regard, a series of coins issued by the Treasury of Gibraltar in 1994 is interesting. It was dedicated to a significant date for all fans of Sherlock Holmes-the centenary of the return of the detective, described in the story 'Empty house'. The obverse traditionally depicts the Queen of great Britain. The reverse is decorated with scenes from the works of Conan Doyle, the main character of which is Mr. Sherlock Holmes. Experts will recognize scenes from the novels 'Study in crimson' and 'The hound of the Baskervilles', stories 'the Last case of Holmes', 'the Empty house', 'the Three Garridebs' and others.
The coin value is 1 crown. The material is a copper-Nickel alloy, as well as silver. The entire print run was minted in Surrey at the private Pobjoy mint.
Another significant date in holmsinian is 1887, when the world first learned about Mr. Sherlock Holmes, an intellectual and philanthropist. It was then, on Christmas eve, that the story was published in Beaton's Christmas Yearbook' Etude in crimson tones'. On the 120th anniversary of this date, the issue of coins with a face value of 2 new Zealand dollars is timed. The Issuer is the state entity of the cook Islands, which did not stint to mint 8 thousand copies of the commemorative series of 999 silver. Bright and incomparable Vasily Livanov, Vitaly Solomin, Nikita Mikhalkov represent the images of Conan Doyle's heroes on the reverse of four coins.
The name of Sherlock Holmes is also known thanks to numerous film adaptations. The most striking to date are the Lenfilm TV version and the series produced by the BBC Studio. Vasily Borisovich Livanov, who brilliantly played Mr. Sherlock Holmes, received international recognition, and in 2006 - a knight's order of the British Empire from the hands of the Queen herself. His unique voice and unearthly charisma inspire confidence that this is how the great Conan Doyle saw his hero - a refined intellectual with a big heart.
In 2017, the Russian Post held an all-Russian interactive contest 'Sherlock's Postcard', which was attended by everyone. As a result of the competition, a limited edition of exclusive postcards was released for the birthday of sir Arthur Conan Doyle on may 22. They featured a winning drawing by St. Petersburg resident Svetlana Tokarenko, where a portrait of Sherlock Holmes is creatively composed from his own quote.
Philocartists know a series of postcards 'Actors of Soviet cinema', produced in the second half of the twentieth century by the all-Union Bureau of art propaganda. Among many favorite actors, Vitaly Solomin's set of postcards contains this photo of him and Vasily Livanov playing the role of famous gentlemen from Baker street.
Today's BBC Sherlock is a highly active sociopath who uses the full power of modern science and technology in his extraordinary investigations. Instead of a tube, he has a nicotine patch, uses a laptop and communicates on a mobile phone. However, with the Victorian Holmes, he shares the same passion for solving mysterious crimes, he is a brilliant intellectual, incredibly attractive for his eccentric unpredictability. Benedict Cumberbatch brilliantly embodied the image of a modern Holmes on the screen, giving fans of the work of Arthur Conan Doyle a new, adapted superhero.
A series of two silver coins issued by the Pacific nation of Niue is associated with the modern English version of the film adaptation. In 2016, when three seasons of 'Sherlock' were already thundering around the world, the new Zealand mint minted 5,000 copies of coins with the image of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman on the reverse. They played the roles of Holmes and Watson, and, according to the new York times, became one of the world's best performers of the famous couple.
In August this year, the UK post office issued six stamps dedicated to the cult series 'Sherlock'. On them, fans will recognize the main characters of the film, but the main secret of the stamps is that when you look at them in the ultraviolet spectrum, you can see special details of the plot.
In addition to this hot new 'Cinematic' Holmes is depicted on philatelic products from different countries of the world.
A huge number of stamps, blocks, small sheets and envelopes of the first day are dedicated to the favorite detective of all time.
And, of course, his ancestor - the genius sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
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