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2021-04-15 Other articles >

Don rubles: they are 'white', then they are 'red'.»

10 rubles of the 1918 model-with the' secret sign ' of the engraver Davydov

10 Don rubles were red - maybe this circumstance served as protection for the Don tens when the government changed on the Don.
In October 1917, the Bolsheviks seized power in Petrograd, and began what Soviet textbooks called the 'victorious march of the October Revolution' on the territory of Russia.
The march was not everywhere unconditionally victorious-already in December 1917, the Bolsheviks were driven out of the Don region, who immediately stopped reinforcing the Don with cash from Petrograd.
Government bonds were used despite their high nominal value and even individual coupons, but they soon ran out.
A. M. Nazarov, who was elected ataman of the Don Cossack Army in January 1918, instructed the Rostov n / A office of the State Bank to issue credit cards for 300 million rubles.
In February 1918, a specially created Expedition for the production of banknotes printed on the order of the Rostov n / A office of the State Bank the first Don money-credit cards worth 10 rubles.
The red-colored tickets, measuring 150 mm X 90 mm in the presence of a neutral text, had an emphatically anti-Bolshevik design: on the back of the bill was placed the so-called naz. The 'shield of the Amazons' is a silver badge on the dress uniform of the officers of the Volunteer Army.
Out of the allowed issue volume of 300 million, 900,000 rubles were printed-already at the end of February, red ones entered Rostov.
Ataman Nazarov, of course, was shot, and the Don dozens were 'pardoned' despite the 'shield of the Amazons': the Reds needed cash on the Don no less than the whites.
The Military Commissar of the Don Republic, F. G. Podtelkov, instructed Gulbin, the manager of the Rostov office of the State Bank, to continue issuing Don rubles, without delaying to adjust their design.
The issue of the dozen was continued, and a small adjustment on the back of the banknote was still made in the Expedition – in case the whites returned and wanted to cancel the 'Podtelkovsky issue'.
The engraver Davydov-probably believing that the Reds would not look very carefully at the hated 'shield of the Amazons' - put an additional jumper over the denomination '10 rubles 10': the jumper is present in the left curl above the number '0', but is absent in the right curl above the number '1'.
Podtelkov did not notice the secret signs on the bill, loaded 10 million Don tens on a cart and went to the farms to agitate the Cossacks for a new life.
The agitation ended badly – the money was taken away by the Cossacks, and Podtelkov was hanged.
On May 1, 1918, before the International Workers ' Solidarity Day was properly celebrated, the Reds left Rostov, not forgetting to take with them dozens and a new issue of Don tickets with a face value of 25 rubles.
They probably took my ten-piece AM-61 with the secret mark of the engraver Davydov-UNC, but it never got into circulation.

Донские рубли: то они «белые», то они «красные»

10 рублей 1918 г., Россия

Country : Россия
Denomination : 10 рубль
Year : 1918
Quantity :
Issuer : Ростовская н/Д Контора Государственного Банка
Series :
Valid from :
Valid till :
Cancelled :
Alexander R.

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