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2021-04-08 Other articles >

Don Rubles (part 2)

3 rubles of the 1918 sample-printed in Novorossiysk

The Don 3 rubles - in accordance with the Russian tradition-were green.
They were printed, like the Don tickets with a face value of 1 ruble, on paper without watermarks, and had a size slightly larger than 1 Don ruble - 150 mm X 90 mm.
It should be recognized that 3 Don rubles look more interesting than 1 Don ruble.
The obverse of the banknote is dominated by the image of a double-headed Bilibino eagle without imperial regalia, which crouched with its paws on a decorative wreath resting on a garland of stylized leaves.
On the back – the same size wreath frames the Roman numeral of the nominal value - 'III'.
All this is against the background of a green pattern made up of cells from the same number '3', but in the usual Indo – Arabic version.
The text on the 3-ruble banknote is identical to the text on the 1-ruble banknote - with the obvious exception of the nominal value, namely:
  • mention of the issuer in the person of the Rostov n / A Office of the State Bank;
  • indication of the sphere of circulation of the banknote-acceptance by both Government agencies and individuals;
  • warning of liability for forgery-however, without mentioning a specific penalty.
The same signatures – the manager of the Rostov office of the State Bank R. E. Gulbin and the cashier A. I. Egorov.
But the printing house is already different.
When in August 1918 they began to produce the Don 3-ruble notes, they began to print them initially in Novorossiysk, since the Rostov printing house could not keep up with the growing needs of cash turnover on the Don.
Every startup is initially unprofitable: the cost of issuing a three-ruble denomination of the Don was 5 rubles 75 kopecks. - the situation could be corrected in the direction of self-sufficiency only by printing large-denomination banknotes.
In September 1918, Novocherkassk joined the press of the Don 3-ruble notes.
My Don banknote of the KA-367 series is from the first, Novorossiysk issue.

Донские рубли

3 рубля 1918 г., Россия

Country : Россия
Denomination : 3 рубль
Year : 1918
Quantity :
Issuer : Ростовская н/Д Контора Государственного Банка
Series :
Valid from :
Valid till :
Cancelled :
Alexander R.

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