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2020-07-22 Other articles >

Claude Monet: impressions on the other side of the canvas

It is today we rave about the paintings of French impressionist Claude Monet. Contemporaries believed that he and others like him 'hunters impressions' just 'dip the brush in two incompatible paints and lead them as God blesses, the canvas'. Brightness and excessive emotionality of the paintings Monet was at odds with the classical canons of painting, which was common at the time.

It just so happened that since childhood, Claude Monet broke the conventional rules. At school, bored in the classroom, he drew funny cartoons on everything and everyone. By the way, your first earnings within 2 000 francs he received from orders on these drawings.
No matter how willing the father, a Parisian grocer Claude Monet, Auguste, to his son to follow in his footsteps, the boy went on his way. He went to seek his fortune in Paris, hoping to be there as an artist.
There began a flowering of creative activity, a Monet in Paris, he met like-minded people and formed the Foundation for his famous manner of writing. Strange, blurred, sketchy outline like the look of Monet. However, thanks to this technique, the artist was able to convey the colors of the surrounding landscape. The light, like a moth in the collection of the entomologist pinned to the paper and creates a full illusion of presence. If you walk together with the artist's lush garden at Giverny , or admire a scarlet sea of tulips in the Dutch hills.
A landmark in the life of Monet is to painting 'Impression. Rising sun' (Impression, soleil levant), written at the age of 33. It is believed that it marked the beginning of self-direction in art - impressionism. Initially critics were hostile at the lack of clarity and visualization of details in the image. The word is 'Impression', ironically dropped by the journalist Louis Leroy to the works of Monet, subsequently found a very specific meaning, giving the name of one of the largest trends in art of the late XIX - early XX centuries.
Coins also represent works of art that stood on metal. In 2010 Niue Island introduced one of the most beautiful commemorative coins devoted to the great artist. The 925 shows the famous painting of Claude Monet's 'Lady with umbrella'. The reverse to us looks very Monet - serious and thoughtful, as always. His portrait is on the background of the painting 'the Japanese bridge', laced with its own engraved signature of the artist.
Another new Zealand dollar devoted to the great impressionist. This time for the coinage used silver higher, the 999-th sample. Numismatic product issued by the Polish mint limited edition - only 500 copies.
A huge amount of philatelic material devoted to the works of Claude Monet. Bhutan, Burundi, Gambia, Cote d'ivoire, Israel, Monaco, Solomon Islands, of course, his native France - list of countries you can go:
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