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2020-09-17 Other articles >

'Choi is not dead. He went out for a smoke'

For the turbulent, full of changes in the 80s of the last century, Viktor Tsoi became a real idol, a symbol of defiance and the personification of strength. His talented, rebellious songs for the generation of the eighties were a revelation, an expression of their own feelings. Awkward teenagers who gather near entrances and in basements, so dreamed of changing their lives for the better. 'Try to escape from the rain if it's inside,' Choi said. He helped someone find themselves, someone-to Express that inner downpour, destroying, creating, directing the flows.
Although Choi said that he does not write slogans, the real motto for young people was the song 'Change'. The rebellious motif, burning lines addressed to everyone at once, do not leave anyone indifferent. Not then, not now.

And who would suspect Viktor of excessive shyness and isolation in everyday life. In fact, he was modest and reserved, but those close to him noted the presence of hidden inner strength. 'You must be strong,' said Choi, ' otherwise why should you be?' His idol was Bruce Lee, with whom Victor shared many external features. Having become interested in martial arts, Tsoi had a good command of nunchucks, mastered the techniques of fighting 'in Chinese', which he was happy to practice on his guitarist, Yuri Kasparyan.
His concerts have always been a fascinating revelation. Hall Choi kept in a kind of stupor, waiting for a miracle. Charismatic, in love with music, the author did not know about his own gift. He just did what he liked, for him it was of paramount importance, 'that it was interesting to live'. 'My soul is in my songs', Victor said, and this was the real truth. After the concert, he went backstage and collapsed on the floor in complete exhaustion.
'A real musician doesn't die. He just stops giving concerts' - this quote aptly describes what is happening with the work of Viktor Tsoi. His poems are still relevant today, and in the songs you can guess the prophecy. 'Change! We are waiting for changes!'- the words could not be more suitable for the perestroika period of the late 80's. These words are uttered by us, today, who look to the future with hope for the best.
Talented people are talented in everything. Choi was not only a great musician, but also a wonderful, original artist. Art critics believe that if it weren't for that terrible and ridiculous accident that took the life of the 28-year-old singer, the world would have found another Van Gogh. So talented and bright are the drawings of Choi. art Collectors would certainly be happy to get the works of Tsoi, the artist, in their collection.
And also, due to his professional affiliation with the creative community (Viktor studied at St. Petersburg state technical UNIVERSITY-61 with a degree in Woodcarver), he was fond of creating miniature figures-netsuke, traditional in Japanese culture.
In August 2020, to mark the 30th anniversary of the musician's death, the St. Petersburg Gallery opened an exhibition of works by the famous St. Petersburg (Leningrad) ' Tsoi. Summer won't end.' Among the exhibits are his paintings on topical subjects of Soviet reality, as well as works with philosophical overtones.
To mark the tragic anniversary in 2010, the island of Niue issued a series of commemorative coins with a circulation of 1962 pieces. The face value of each coin is 2 new Zealand dollars, the material is 999 silver. On the reverse is a portrait of Tsoi against the background of the sun he so dearly loved.
To mark the 50th anniversary of the talented musician's birth, the Republic of Fiji issued a commemorative silver coin with a face value of 10 Fijian dollars. Its circulation is 8 thousand copies, the quality of coinage is proof. Interestingly, on the reverse, the portrait of the singer is depicted against the background of a fragment of the Moscow 'Tsoi wall', located in Krivoarbatsky lane.
In 2018, the singer's homeland issued a souvenir coin in the series 'Outstanding performers' with a face value of 25 rubles.
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