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2020-12-08 Other articles >

Chicago: city of winds, skyscrapers and jazz

After the first non - native, but permanent resident of Chicago - a merchant of furs, gunpowder and alcohol, Pointe du Sable-settled in the late 18th century on the site of the modern metropolis, a lot of water flowed into lake Michigan. Having lived here for more than 20 years, the enterprising black Frenchman left behind a luxurious home, two children and the name of the city's founder.
The settlement, located at the intersection of trade routes, was favorably located between the West and East of the United States, attracting the attention of merchants, immigrants, and simple romantic crooks and adventurers. Therefore, by 1833, which is officially considered the date of the founding of Chicago, there were already about 400 people living here. In less than 10 years, the urban population has grown 10-fold.
The diverse public mixed in with the Chicago urban population was the reason that the city began to develop not only economically, but also criminally. The most famous in this regard is the Mafioso al Capone, who made a noise in American history with his 'exploits' in the field of gambling, prostitution and illegal alcohol trade during the 'prohibition' and other high-profile cases. A silver coin issued in the United States is dedicated to this controversial personality and criminal mastermind 'Public enemy #1'.
Of course, the winds in the city, located in the heart of the American prairies, blow serious. The state of Illinois even has a second name - the Prairie State - 'Prairie State', and there is a place for cyclones to roam. Despite this, for most of his life, the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, lived here, for which the state received the second name 'Land of Lincoln'. This fact is even immortalized on a commemorative quarter issued in 2003.
Strong South-westerly wind in 1871 caused Chicago a lot of trouble, picking up a fire that broke out in one of the sheds, and instantly spreading it through the wooden buildings of the city. As a result of the Great Chicago fire, which lasted 3 days, the city burned almost to the ground, killing hundreds of residents...
Collectors of paintings will probably be interested to know that in 1955, an engraving dedicated to this tragic event was published in the Offset printing house of new York. It shows Chicago in the arms of a raging flame.
However, like the fabulous Phoenix bird, the city did not die. The tragic event served as an impetus for the further development of Chicago, and new buildings appeared on the site of old houses in the very near future.
Only now the city authorities have focused on the expansion of Chicago not in width, but in height. The new buildings were exceptionally high-rise. In 1884, the world's first skyscraper with a load-bearing metal frame, the Home Insurance Building, was built that time, its 10-story height was simply fantastic.
The potential of a thriving Chicago was appreciated by the world community. It was here in 1893 that one of the largest World exhibitions was held, dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus.
The memory of this event is captured on a silver 50-cent coin minted in the same year in the United States,
commemorative medal of the same year of issue,
and also on a commemorative envelope with a special cancellation.
Unfortunately, such a bright event was the impetus for the monstrous atrocities of the first official serial killer - Henry Holmes, who received the nickname 'doctor of torture'. For the reception of guests of the world's fair in Chicago, maniac built a hotel, which consisted of an office part on the first floors and deadly mazes on the upper levels. Doors that only open from the outside, corridors that lead to nowhere, soundproof torture rooms... It's scary to imagine, but according to official data, the victims of the murderer were from 20 to 350 people! But do not look for the Holmes hotel among the streets of Chicago - it was burned by unknown people, apparently, who considered that such a landmark on the bright face of Chicago is not the place.
The fight against crime in Chicago was put a lot of effort. The Western and southern districts of the city are particularly criminalized, as they are among the social ones, that is, the poorest. They are the battleground of local gangs, whose victims, alas, are often civilians. Therefore, in the current conditions, law enforcement agencies are an extremely popular organization.
Chicago police even dedicated a commemorative souvenir coin, minted from a zinc alloy and covered with gold. The five-pointed star features the city's coat of arms and a signature that reflects the hopes of thousands of local residents - 'garden City'.
But modern Chicago is also a city of jazz, Blues and romance. There's even a style of music called Chicago jazz. The city owes its appearance to numerous black immigrants from New Orleans, who brought a completely new rhythm to the familiar rhythm of classical salon orchestras. And, of course, it is impossible not to remember the musical 'Chicago', beloved by millions of viewers. And the city itself - gaudily modern and fantastically urban-is a mix of supermodern neighborhoods, parks, museums, which allow you to capture collectible copies of postcards.
Freshwater and deep-water (almost 300 m!) lake Michigan, on the shore of which stands the city of Chicago, is the 6th largest freshwater lake in the world. If a storm breaks out, the waves on it reach 6 meters in height! But there are numerous beaches around with a gentle 'sugar' sand, which really resembles grains of sugar in shape and emits a characteristic creaking sound if you walk on it (the reason is the high content of quartz in its composition). Because of this, the Michigan Sands are called 'singing'.
Beautiful lake Michigan is dedicated to the canadian color coin, which became the third in the series 'Great lakes'. The circulation of the coin is 10 thousand pieces, the face value is 20 canadian dollars, and the year of issue is 2015.
You can feel the air of freedom and prairies by creating an original collection coins, marks, postcards, banknotes, pictures, and placing instances dedicated to Chicago in it. Skyscrapers, lake Michigan, and Chicago's urban cityscapes will all be Yours, just create personal account HOBBYKEEPER ONLINE, and select the desired option of the program for collectors HOBBYKEEPER ONLINE. Adapted version programs allows you to access your archive from any mobile device, even when you are far from home.

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