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2020-07-03 Other articles >

'Beware when the Almighty sends to earth thinker'

Many school years known fundamental work of Charles Robert Darwin's On the origin of species'. However, few people know that the famous philosopher and naturalist since childhood had a passion for collecting. He collected everything - coins, shells, minerals. His collection was chaotic, but, of course, be Darwin at that time, the program HOBBYKEEPER, everything would be different.
Father Charles, a wealthy doctor and financier Robert Darwin, saw his son's future clearly. Darwin had to go on his path, well, or, in extreme cases, become a respectable theologian. With these spheres was linked with the training of the young genius. First it was the medical faculty of the University of Edinburgh, and after, disillusioned with medicine, Darwin enters Christ's College, Cambridge University. Here begins the rise of his scientific activities.
A turning point in the life of a naturalist was the age of 22 years. It was then that he went to map world expedition on paramilitary ship 'the Beagle'. During the voyage, which lasted 5 years (!), young Darwin gets an enormous experience with observations for pristine flora and fauna.

However home Darwin brought not only their naturalistic diaries, diseases. He was often tormented by the heartbeat and nausea, pain and depression. He later wrote that his stock of strength was exhausted under the influence of constant devouring of one species by another in an endless war for survival.
To directly oppose the tenets of the Church of Darwin is not solved. Yes, and he did not have such a goal. After a fantastic trip the scientist has accumulated a lot of information that required analysis. Why people are always more than food? Why the world belongs exclusively to strong? To answer such questions, Charles Darwin, attempted in his famous and, at that time, the controversial work 'the Origin of species by means of natural selection'.
The idea of evolution in the nature and variability of the species was in academia is not new. Starting with the rebellious EIGHTEENTH century advanced minds (Lamarck, Buffon, and even Goethe) in his writings admits the possibility of an alternative to creationism (from the Latin. creatio - 'the Creator,') theory of the origin of life on earth. The merit of Darwin that he first failed a science-based Foundation for the intuitions of the enlightenment.
Mints around the world honor the memory of the great scientist. New Zealand in 2016, said 2,000 copies of the silver coins 5 NZD. On the obverse, the traditional image of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The reverse of the same bearing the image of the naturalist on the background of the frigate, surrounded by exotic marine iguanas - the inhabitants of the Galapagos.
Falkland Islands in 2009 minted copper-Nickel coins in denominations of 1 Krona. They depict the Queen of England and Charles Darwin in an already Mature age.
And, of course, your thinker immortalized homeland. The 200th anniversary of the birth of the scientist UK issued coins of bimetal nominal value of 2 pounds.
In our enlightened age no longer surprise anyone of Darwin's discoveries. But consistency and Analytics price always. If You, like Darwin, have a passion for the compilation of thematic collections - the best assistant in this is a service HOBBYKEEPER ONLINE. We have taken care to eliminate routine paperwork and to do the cataloging as comfortable as possible. Creating a personal account, You can keep a collection in four areas: numismatics, philately, procardia, bonistika.

Access to your favorite collections is provided to You 24/7, as personal account is not just linked with local programs on Your PC. We adapted the interface LK for all mobile devices, so browse through their collection You can anywhere - in the office, in cafes, even outdoors. The main thing is to have access to the Internet.

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