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2020-08-04 Other articles >

Bariski pound - money of the separatists

John Lennon, the Order of the British Empire and the Republic of Biafra

November 26, 1969 leader of the rock band Beatles John Lennon returned to the Queen the Order of the British Empire. In a message addressed to the English Queen and the Prime Minister, was listed 3 reasons that forced the famous beatle on this action, which was called following – 'In protest against Britain's involvement in the Nigeria-Biafra thing' (in protest against British intervention in the conflict Nigeria-Biafra).
The Republic of Biafra as an independent state was formed on 30 may 1967 as the result of the unilateral Declaration of independence of the Eastern province from Nigeria. Having received formal recognition only from 4 African countries and Haiti, the self-proclaimed Republic of Biafra has spent 2.5 years in a state of continuous military operations with the armed forces of Nigeria. January 15, 1970 Biafra admit defeat in the civil war and back in the squad Nigeria.
For 2.5 years a lot you can do to make their money accurately.
The separatists managed and banknotes printed and coins minted: banknote - 5 and 10 shillings and £ 1, 5 and 10 pounds; coin – 3 and 6 pence, and 1 and 2.5 (!) Schilling aluminum.
Moreover, even minted silver coins 1 pound possibly for gifts to contribute to the recognition of the independence of Biafra and, as seen in 5 cases it worked.
Consider the banknote 1 pound. On the front side we see a lone palm tree on the background of the rising sun - the symbol of British West Africa. Text in English: twice mentioned the words Biafra - in conjunction with the word Republic and with the word Bank is probably easier to remember new name of the country.
The denomination of the bill – letters in large print (ONE) and numbers, 4 times to certainly not mistake those who have problems with English. All this assure 2 signature – Governor Sylvester U. Ugoh and Director with a tricky signature indecipherable.
On the back in addition to 5 times face value and one mention of the name of the country – in the round vignette on the right we see bariski emblem: 2 leopard holding a shield, above the eagle, below – an inscription: “PEACE, UNITY, FREEDOM”. That's just the year of issue forgot to specify.
Now that is not visible to the naked eye. On both sides of the banknotes there is microprinting – a wavy line with the inscription of “Bank of Biafra 1 pound”, which are perceived as the background is light green.
... The country disappeared from the map of the world - the end of history? As it is not so: the money is already non-existent state, continue to be used in cross-border trade in West Africa (Ghana-Togo, Togo-Benin), and even in the state of new York (USA) - for internal payments between bariski immigrants: Biafra 1 pound is equivalent in exchange to 180 niram Nigeria.
So that the banknote 1 pound series DV No. 0316587 has not yet completely lost its purchasing power.

Биафрийский фунт - деньги сепаратистов

1 фунт 1967 Республика Биафра

Country : Республика Биафра
Value : 1 фунт
Year : 1967
Quantity :
Issuer :
Series :
Valid from :
Valid till :
Cancelled :

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