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2020-09-14 Other articles >

'Back to the future': see you in a few years...

I can't believe it, but in 2020, the film 'Back to the future' turns 35 years old. When you watch it, you can't help feeling that you are just in the center of events. You are the one who is about to be 'late 'for the fourth time in a row by the stern Director Strickland, and at city hours lightning will strike right over your head, and' my Gulba ' calls only to you. Of course, everyone was waiting for the coveted 2015 to ride flying cars and enjoy wearing self-lacing sneakers.

'But this is fantastic!'many will exclaim. I beg to differ. Some things Zemeckis co Spielberg still predicted. Perhaps they partially managed to 'learn the history of mankind, what was and what will be, and maybe- 'why'. After all, as you know, 'a fairy tale is a lie, but there is a hint in it...'
The year 2020 is in the yard, and the audience has outgrown the cherished time limit indicated in the picture by 5 years. On its own, year after year. And to the question of the main character 'What can happen to us in the future? Are we going to be cretins?'everyone has already given themselves a full answer.

However, some of the achievements of science fiction today have really become a reality. Unfortunately, flying cars have remained a dream. Although the world's leading companies are developing and even started testing flying cars. For example, in Germany, Lilium is already testing a five-seat driverless taxi, which will be used in 2025, and Toyota is developing a device with an electric motor and the ability to take off vertically. But all of them have little in common with the glorious movie DeLorean, and more like helicopters.
To mark the film's 30th anniversary, the government of Tuvalu ordered the minting of two commemorative coins from the Australian mint. The nominal value of the silver coin is 1 dollar, the circulation is 7.5 thousand rubles. The second was minted from gold with a purity of 99.99% in the amount of one thousand copies. The reverse shows the same DeLorean DMC-12.
And in June 2020, the Republic of Niue imprinted a heroic time-traveling car on its coins. The reverse shows a flying car, and the obverse is traditionally a portrait of Her Majesty Elizabeth II.
By the way, about the movement of transport arteries of the future, Doc's words about roads sound somewhat prophetic: 'where we are going, they are not needed'. This is probably what Rosavtodor officials think, judging by the state of some of our roads...

And let the plot is naive and happy end is inevitably predictable, the film looks in one breath. As soon as the picture starts to get a little boring, there is a movement - and everything becomes interesting again.
'Oh, what is it?!' The dream of many-shoelaces that tie themselves, today has become a reality. By making some money with a hidden Nike ad, Zemeckis has made life easier for thousands of sports Shoe fans. Nike has actually developed and patented a technology where the laces are pulled by a winch with an electric motor. Anyone can buy such a charm today for a little less than 30 thousand euros.
Fans of the horror genre probably noticed that in 2015 (according to the Director) Spielberg's 'Jaws' are released for the 19th (!) time. This is the subtle irony of the Director and his foresight of numerous sequels released in 2015: the continuation of 'Terminator', 'Jurassic Park', 'Star wars', other famous films, and, of course, Spielberg's 'Jaws'.
The same clock on the tower and the same flow capacitor that helped Marty McFly jump from 1955 to 1985 are featured on the collector's edition of the coin from Iron Gut Publishing. A silver-plated coin was issued for the film's 25th anniversary.
Well, 2015 is a long time coming, and I think we would have something to surprise Marty McFly with. Satellite communications, the Internet, iPhones and smart watches - today's range of human achievements for us living in the 80's, would seem an impossible miracle.

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