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Andorra 1 Diner 1990

Collectible coin of the principality with princes on a parity basis

Andorra is a favorite place for skiing for my family: I have been there 5 times, and maybe more than that.

Taking into account the fact that the state has a duty-free trade regime and there is no value added tax (VAT), you can bring a lot of delicious and beautiful things from well-known world brands from the country, but the numismatist will not miss the opportunity to bring something special.

I brought “1 Andorra 1 Diner 1990 ' - a collectible silver coin issued by the Principality of Andorra itself.
What is” diner ' and what is the origin of this word?

“Charlemagne denier ' is a silver coin introduced into circulation by the Emperor of the Franks, Charlemagne. Since the territory of modern Andorra since 817 was part of the Carolingian Empire, the coin with this name was well known to the inhabitants of the principality.

The principality itself had a unique status of dual rule: in accordance with the Act of September 8, 1278, the country established the rule of 2 princes-the Catalan bishop of Urgell and the French Count de Foix, who alternately led the principality through their representatives – so to speak, in a remote mode.
Denier, denarius, diener – depending on the peculiarities of the national pronunciation-this coin was minted in the states belonging to the empire until 1612. And then this coin went out of circulation, but for the Principality of Andorra, for many years of joint rule, the national currencies of the princes-co – rulers of the principality-Spain and France-have already become 'native'.

In the XVII century, the denier (diner) ceased to be legal tender for Andorra – first francs and pesetas, and since 2002, euros serve the cash and non-cash turnover of the principality.

But the good memory of the Charlemagne coin is still alive – it is minted in silver for tourists and numismatists.
Silver 0.9990. Proof. Weight: 10.3 grams. Diameter: 29.3 mm. Circulation: 6 000.

The obverse of 'Andorra 1 Diner 1990' depicts the coat of arms of Andorra-a shield of 4 parts:
  • bishop Urgell's mitre;
  • four pillars-as on the coat of arms of Catalonia;
  • three pillars-as on the coat of arms of the Counts of Foix;
  • two cows with bells and collars-as on the coat of arms of the Viscountcy of Bearn, which became part of the county of Foix in the XIV century.
On the reverse – an eagle: after all, this is the Pyrenees at an altitude of 1,079 meters.
'Andorra 1 Diner 1990' is not a new model, it is a beautiful coin ...with its own history.

Andorra 1 Diner 1990

Andorra 1 Diner 1990

Country : Андорра
Denomination : 1 динар
Year : 1990
Mint :
Circulation : 6 000
Material : Серебро
Weight : 10.3
Diameter : 29.3
Alexander R.

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