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2020-07-30 Other articles >

A musical genius at all times

Talent Mozart was admired by many of his contemporaries, however, the life of a genius was filled with the unfulfilled hopes and bitter disappointments. How could it happen that the young Prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus received an excellent education from his father Leopold, had lived such a short life and died in poverty?!
Talent and gold rarely come together. Mozart was born in Salzburg in the family court violinist, who made for his son all that he could. 'After the Pope - only God' - so said Mozart about his parent who was a teacher and educator, who gave a first start in life.

This is the topic of commemorative Austrian coin 10 shillings, released in 1991. It depicts a young Wolfgang playing in duet with his father:
Mozart from childhood showed his phenomenal ability. He hurriedly grabbed the notes of even the most complex musical compositions, and his first play, composed as early as 4 years! Together with his sister Nannerl little genius worked in musical instrument. Father understood the situation and hoped to reveal the boy's talent, to help grow it to the scale of the universe can only be a serious patron of power. Therefore, Leopold Mozart makes a tour of European cities, showing a lot of musical novelties to the public of their phenomenal son.

In Paris, talented family captured in his watercolors French artist Carmontelle, thanks to which today we can see six-year-old genius behind the harpsichord:
A brilliant early career is marked by attention to a gifted child from the dignitaries. In 1762, when Mozart was 6 years old, his family was invited to a reception from the Empress Maria Theresa in Vienna. The Imperial family was charmed by the unearthly abilities of the boy, who is blindfolded and closed keyboard perfectly executed mind-blowing plays.

It was then that the Empress gave Wolfgang the suit, in recognition of, well, and that her children were not ashamed to communicate with a child from the lower class.
In this suit, the little Mozart was captured by a family friend, artist Antonio Lorenzoni, whose painting dates from 1763 and survived to the present day:

Yes, Mozart was admired, touched and applauded. But beyond that it was not. Over the years it failed to find a worthy patron. His employer, the Archbishop of Salzburg, in the chapel of which Mozart was a conductor, was arrogant and overbearing person. The already complicated character of Wolfgang is simply not carried to violence, and in one day all over the scandal.

It is to this difficult period in the composer's life is the painting by Austrian artist John Nepomuk della Croce, who wrote the Mozart family in full force. Even recently deceased mother is depicted in the form of a portrait hanging on the wall:
'Free bread', which moved Mozart, not always profitable. Despite the successful premieres of the operas 'Idomeneo', 'the abduction from the seraglio', the composer never got a decent job offer, and his fame in the musical environment was very relative.

A resounding success in the musical capital of Europe, Vienna had a sparkling Opera 'the marriage of Figaro', was not a constant companion of the musician. The competition was quite high, many of the aristocracy preferred to see among its musicians, people with a more docile nature. Mozart was extremely sensitive to injustice and a keen tongue.

Amazingly accurately convey the character of the composer in the portrait by Barbara Krafft, written in 1819, with the model selected by Wolfgang's sister Nannerl. Smart look radiant eyes seemed to penetrate your soul - Mozart felt very close to people, divining even the most secret corners of the soul.
The musician has lived a short, but amazingly bright and full of life. For 35 years he left the grateful descendants of the great musical heritage. The last years of his life was extremely fruitful, although the powerful of this world cheated him. Emperor Leopold II, for example, gave preference to the competitor at the 'shop' ambitious Salieri.
It is interesting that 'fashion' and Mozart came shortly after his death. The popularity of the great composer is growing every decade, revealing to mankind the all-new facets of his talent. Proven that listening to Mozart has a beneficial effect on health, stimulates thought processes and calms the nervous system.

The fans of the great Austrian will be interesting not only paintings, but also brand
and the coin dedicated to him:
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