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2021-06-22 Other articles >

Derzhavnyj credit bilet for 100 hryvnia. UNR roku 1918

Banknote with the artist's signature

On paper money, you can see the signatures of the persons who supervised their issue, whether it is the head of the State Bank and the Ministry of Finance, there you can also see the signature of the chief cashier of these state institutions.
On the credit card of Ukraine with a nominal value of 100 hryvnia issued in 1918, there is another signature-the signature of the artist who drew this banknote.
The artist Georgy Narbut was born in 1886 in the Chernihiv province on the farm Narbutovka-it must be assumed that such a coincidence with the surname was not accidental.
In a large family of 9 children, two became famous: Grigory Narbut-an artist, and his brother Vladimir Narbut-a poet of the' silver age ' of Russian poetry, a member of the 5-month expedition of the poet-acmeist Nikolai Gumilev to Abyssinia and Somalia in 1912 -1913, who later disappeared in the Gulag.
In 1918, being already a well-known illustrator, Georgy Narbut was appointed the head of the' Expedition for the preparation of state papers ' – not only as an administrator, but also as the author of drawings for the design of such papers, among which paper money was among the most significant.
In the design of the banknote of the State Bank of Ukraine with a nominal value of 100 hryvnia, G. Narbut used an artistic style called the Ukrainized Empire.
In the center of the composition is an oval wreath of flowers and vegetables with a trident placed inside, the artist also placed basic information there, such as:
  • type of paper money - 'Derzhavny Credit Bill';
  • nominal value 'one hundred hryvnia';
  • date of issue-'roku 1918';
  • signatures - 'director of Derzhavny Bank V. Ignatovich, skarbnik M. Taranov'.
On both sides of the wreath, G. Narbut put 2 figures in national Ukrainian costumes – a peasant woman with a sickle and a sheaf and a worker with a hammer.
If the artist depicted a peasant woman simply as a garna divchina without references to a specific historical person, then the face of the worker resembles the portraits of the Ukrainian philosopher of the XVIII century Grigory Skovoroda that have come down to us.
On the back of the banknote – 2 columns, 2 sockets with a nominal value, 2 images of the serial number of the banknote and 2 semicircular arches, under one of which – under the one on the left-the artist put his name and year- ' G. Narbut 18'.
The artist's surname on a banknote made according to his drawings is an exceptional case: I am not aware of examples from domestic bonistics when an artist would be given the opportunity to capture his authorship in this way.
Nowadays, G. Narbut-the artist is honored not only by bonists, but also by philatelists – after all, the first postage stamps of the UPR were also made according to his drawings.
Numismatists are also familiar with the city of Narbut: a fragment of the image of the 1918 banknote – a peasant woman and a worker – were reproduced by the National Bank of Ukraine on a 2 hryvnia coin issued in 2006 in connection with the anniversary of the artist's birth.
We can assume that my ticket A 3177871 issued in 1918 is the original painting signed by the author, which then went around the world in various copies.

Державний кредитовий бiлет на 100 гривень. УНР року 1918

100 гривен 1918 г., Украина

Country : Украина
Denomination : 100 гривна
Year : 1918
Quantity :
Issuer :
Series :
Valid from :
Valid till :
Cancelled :
Alexander R.

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