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2021-07-12 Other articles >

About our smaller brothers

Representatives of the Earth's fauna represent a special world, a separate universe, dissolved among human civilization. For centuries, homo sapiens has been doing everything possible to prove its power and superiority to itself and the whole world. And completely in vain. Tsunamis have washed away entire cities, severe frosts/heat/rains continue to disrupt agricultural schedules, and no innovative technologies can save from the invasion of termites.
So maybe it's worth recognizing that man is not the king of nature (what nonsense, and this was said by the hero of the book by Valentin Rasputin in the context of 'he will make love-he will make love, but he will light up'). We are a part of the cosmos, a world created by a great creator named Nature. And we should exist on the planet Earth not in the positions of 'kings', but as a harmonious whole with the plant and animal world around us. When ALL mankind understands this, the problems of environmental pollution will disappear by themselves, floods and floods will stop, and endangered species of flora and fauna will finally stop disappearing.
Among such species there is 'one small, but very proud bird' - red stove-maker (Furnarius rufus). It breeds in Latin America, sings wonderfully and loudly (and, moreover, exclusively as a family duet), lives near human habitation, and, if it creates a pair, then for life.
Due to the fact that the stove is an unchangeable and constant companion of a person, in Argentina it is considered a national symbol. That, however, does not prevent local residents from massively destroying its nests, so artfully twisted from plant fibers and clay. Shoots-de destroys, the scoundrel.
Such a 'struggle for the harvest' led to a massive reduction in the population of red stoves. Here I would like to recall the Chinese 'Great Leap Forward', within the framework of which the destruction of sparrows under zero was organized with the light hand of Mao, and the famine that immediately followed was terrifying in its scale.
Fortunately, the Argentines did not reach such tragic events. And today the red-haired stove-maker is an honorary and welcome guest in any yard. And in December 2017, the Central Bank of Argentina issued a new, improved 1,000-peso banknote with the image of a small feathered singer. It joined the series 'Let's Save the animals of Argentina', becoming the fourth banknote in the country that has a vertical design. It is in the vertical line that the portrait of the red-haired stove maker is located on the front side of the banknote, accompanied by an inscription indicating the denomination of the bill and the name of the issuing bank.
The creators of the banknote design approached the matter with great love. The entire obverse is covered with traces of small feathered legs, and in the upper right corner there is an image of a red-haired stove-maker sitting on a twig near his pitcher-shaped nest.
The reverse depicts a stove-maker in his natural habitat ‒ the Argentine pampa. With a careful study of the reverse side of the bill, an observant bonist will see a lot of endemics that make up the natural environment of the red stove. First of all, this is a white mesquite tree, which is often the home of a feathered singer, as well as numerous flowering plants that serve as an ornament of the sandy and arid Argentine latitudes.
In the lower left corner there is a small nestling of the stove, indicating the successful survival and extension of the species. Well, children are our everything, and both for a person and for a small bird.
'Man is the king of nature'... Could Valentin Rasputin have guessed what meaning people would put into his postulate today? True 'kings' have passed through millennial phases of selection and have proved their right to survive in practice. Snakes, insects, individual species of birds and animals-they lived before the appearance of humanity, and will live when the dust of the heritage of human civilization dissipates in the abyss of time. Our current task is to coexist harmoniously with the patriarchs of the Earth in order to extend our stay on our native planet together with them.
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